2 Kings

  1. After whose death did Mo'ab began to revolt against Isreal?
    A'hab (2Kings 1:1)
  2. How was A.ha.zi'ah King of Israel injured?
    He fell down through the grating in his roof chamber (2Kings 1:2)
  3. After A.ha.zi'ah's injury, who did he send his messengers to inquiry if he was going to recover?
    Ba'al-ze'bub the God of Ek'ron (2Kings 1:2)
  4. Who told the messengers of King A.ha.zi'ah that the King would positively die?
    E.li'jah the Tish'bite (2Kings 1:3)
  5. After E.li'jah's prophecy of King A.ha.zi'ah's death, who did the King send out to bring E.li'jah in? How many groups were sent out? What happened to the first 2 groups of men?
    A chief along with 50 men; 3 groups; 2 groups were consumed by fire from the heavens (2Kings 1:9-14)
  6. What are the 8 miracles credited to E.li'jah?
    • 1) shutting off rain from heaven
    • 2) keeping the flour & oil of the widow renewed
    • 3) resurrecting the widow's son
    • 4) having fire fall from heaven in answer to prayer
    • 5) having rain break the drought
    • 6) calling down fire to consume King A.ha.zi'ah's 2 groups of menĀ 
    • 7) doing it a second time
    • 8) parting the Jordan River by smiting it with his official garment (INSIGHT BK pg712; Miracles
  7. What is the last miracle performed by E.li'jah?
    He parted the Jordan River by hitting the waters w/ his official garment (2Kings 1:6-8)
  8. What did E.li'sha ask of E.li'jah the Tish'bite before his ascension to heaven? And does this remind you of?
    A double portion of his spirit (2Kings 2:9) it reminds you of the due of the firstborn son...
  9. How would E.li'jah know he received the double portion of spirit?
    E.li'jah said, "If you see me when I am taken from you, it will happen for you that way; but if you do not, it will not happen. (2Kings 2:10)
  10. How was E.li'jah taken up to heaven?
    A fiery chariot w/fiery horses took him up to heaven in a windstorm (2Kings 2:11)
  11. What is the first miracle E.li'sha performed?
    He parted the Jordan River w/ the official garment he received from E.li'jah (2Kings 2:13, 14)
  12. What was wrong w/ the water in Jer'i.cho in E.li'sha's day?
    It was causing miscarriages (2Kings
  13. Na.aman the Syrian army chief was healed from leprosy by bathing in Jordan River 7 times. Why did E.li'sha refuse his gift?
    Because this harmony w/the principle that a miracle is by Jehovah's power, not his, & he will not profit from the office Jehovah has given him. (2Kings 5:9-19) (Matt 10:8)
  14. What is the name of the God King Ben.ha'dad of Syria worshipped?
    Rim'mon (2Kings 5:18)
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