1. Mekong River
    An important river in Southern Vietnam and Cambodia
  2. 2. Irrawaddy River
    a river in Burma
  3. 3. Chao Phraya River
    a river in siam (Thailand)
  4. 4. Red River
    a river in N Vietnam
  5. 5. Dagoba
    buddist temple/stupa
  6. 6. Funan
    a kingdom in Cambodia. Main religion was Mahayana Buddhism. We call it Funan based off of the Chinese name we found in their records. We also found a roman coin
  7. 7. Gamelan
    orchestra of bells
  8. 8. Wayan
    puppet shadow theater
  9. 9. Batik
    cotton cloth dyed after it was marked in complex wax patterns
  10. 10. Mount Meru
    a mountain in the Himalayas where shiva is allegedly in perpetual mediation in order to maintain the universe
  11. 11. Melaka (Malacca)
    center of commerce because it was located on the Melaka straits. The Melaka straits were the safest way from india into southeast asia.
  12. 12. Trung Sisters
    2 Vietnamese women who led the resistance against Han (China) invaders. Usually depicted as wielding swords and riding elephants. Yay.
  13. 13. Thang-long
  14. 14. Ayutthaya (Ayudhya)
    a kingdom in Thailand. It was the capital until the Burmese wrecked it.
  15. 15. Borobudur
    the site of a Buddhist temple in an Islamic country. like Angkor it was based on Mount Meru. Contained over 400 statues of the Buddha. Found in Java and built by the kingdom of sailendra. Depicts the cosmic cycle.
  16. 16. Angkor Wat
    A Khemer Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia. it was abandoned after the Thai invasion of 1431. Since it was not a central target
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