Vocabulary Lesson 1: English

  1. Percussion
    • 1. The sharp striking of one thing against another n.
    • 2. Instruments that make sound when struck n.
    • 3. Describing the striking if a substance or a musical instrument adj.
  2. Perennial
    • 1. Lasting for an indefinitely long time adj.
    • 2. Continuing regularly adj.
    • 3. Living longer than 2 years, said especially of plants adj.
  3. Permeate
    tr. v. To penetrate through spaces; to spread throughout
  4. Persevere
    intr. v. To hold fast to a task or a purpose despite handicaps or obstacles
  5. Defer
    • 1. to postpone; to delay tr. v
    • 2. To yield respectfully to the opinion or will of another
  6. Dilatory
    adj. Tending to delay or to postpone
  7. Elation
    n. excited feelings of pride, triumph or happiness
  8. Infer
    • 1. tr. v. To use available evidence to form a conclusion
    • 2. To guess
    • not to confuse with imply (A person shows or says (implies) what another interprets (infers)
  9. Contend
    • 1. intr. v. to engage in a quarrel, a struggle, or rivalry
    • 2. To assert; to put forward in argument
  10. Intent
    • 1. n. purpose
    • 2. adj. Concentrating on or dedicated to an idea or action
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