Transit Facts

  1. What is the current maximum achievable headway on the BART system in the interlined section in San Francisco?
    13.33 minutes per line
  2. How are BART's train lines laid out?
    Paralleling the interstate commuter routes to service the low-dense suburbs
  3. Which county has BART service but is not a part of the special BART district?
    San Mateo County
  4. What are the names of the four downtown San Francisco BART stations?
    • Embarcadero
    • Montgomery Street
    • Powell
    • Civic Center
  5. During which ending fiscal year did BART reach its highest historical average weekday ridership of 423,120?
  6. What is the fifth-busiest heavy rail system in America?
    Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
  7. What is the busiest BART station outside of San Francisco?
    12th Street Oakland City Center
  8. The least-busiest station on BART is the North Concord/Martinez.  How many daily exits does it witness?
    2,766 weekday exits
  9. What is the largest intermodal terminal west of the Mississippi River and what services operate there?
    Milbrae - BART and Caltrain
  10. How many trains does each of BART's five lines run daily?
    16 trains an hour
  11. How long is the San Francisco Transbay Tube?
    3.6 miles
  12. Which is the only BART line that does not reach San Francisco?
    The Richmond-Fremont Line (Orange Line)
  13. How loud are noises in the San Francisco Transbay tube?
    100 decibles
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