FNP2 STI & Vag Infections

  1. Most common pathogen for vaginitis.
    candida albicans
  2. If recurrent vaginits, what should you consider?
    • candida/yeast culture
    • screening for DM and HIV
  3. Tx for candida albicans
    Fluconazole po or topical -azoles
  4. What is amsel's criteria?
    • Used to evaluate for BV; 3 out of 4:
    • -homogeneous d/c
    • -pH>4.5
    • amine "whiff" positive
    • - >20% clue cells on wet prep
  5. If pregnant woman has BV, how do you treat? WHat to avoid?
    • Metronidazole (Flagyl) PO
    • Avoid Metrogel & Clindamycin cream
  6. Most frequently reported STI and is mostly asymptomatic.
  7. What is considered high risk for chlamydia?
    • A new sex partner
    • >1 sex partner
    • a partner with concurrent partners, or
    • partner with STI
  8. Tx for gonorrhea
    • Ceftriaxone PLUS
    • azithromycin
  9. Complications associated with gonorrhea.
    • conjunctivitis
    • arthritis
    • meningitis
    • endocarditis
  10. If pt not responding to tx for urethritis or vaginitis, what should you screen for?
  11. What might you see in men with trich? Women?
    • urethritis, epididymitis, prostatitis
    • vag d/c (diffuse, yellow/green, frothy, malodorous)
  12. What can show false positive for syphilis on a Nontrponemal test?
    • pregnancy
    • HIV
    • autoimmune DO
  13. What is the confirmatory test for syphilis?
    Repeat treponemal test
  14. How would you screen for neuro syphilis?
    Lumbar puncture
  15. Tx for primary or secondary syphilis.
    Benzathine PCN IM single dose
  16. Tx for late latent/unknown duration syphilis.
    Benzathine PCN IM weekly x 3
  17. Tx for syhilis if pregnant.
  18. Tx for neuro syphilis.
    IV PCN every 4 hours for 10–14 days
  19. What drugs can cause proteinuria?
    • lithium
    • cyclosporins
    • NSAIDs
  20. Causes of proteinuria other than meds & disease.
    • emotional stress
    • exercise
    • fever 
    • dehydration
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