CH 50 Intro to the Renal System

  1. What are the organ of the urinary tract?
    ureters, bladder, urethra
  2. What are the 4 functions of the renal system?
    • maintain vol and body fluids at normal ranges
    • reg Vitamin D activation 
    • reg BP through the RAS system 
    • reg RBC production through production and secretion of erythropoietin
  3. What is glomerular filtration?
    straining fluid into the nephron (ex: urine)
  4. What is tubular secretion?
    removing components from capillary system & depositing them into the tubule
  5. What is tubular reabsorption?
    removing components from tubule to return them to cap system and back into circulation
  6. How are fluids controlled?
    Diluting and secreting
  7. What is carbonic anhydrase?
    • a catalyst that influences Na reabsorption 
    • allows CO2 and H2O to combine
    • combo=formation of carbonic acid
  8. What does aldosterone do?
    • influences Na in our bodies
    • stimulates Na/K pump 
    • released when K is high
  9. What does chloride help regulate?
    maintain electrical neutrality
  10. Where is Cl reabsorbed?
    • Loop of Henle 
    • promotes Na out of cell
  11. What does the Renin Angiotensin System do?
    Regulate blood volume and blood pressure
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CH 50 Intro to the Renal System
CH 50 Intro to the Renal System