Biology terms

  1. Matter is composed of
  2. Atoms are composed of
    Protons, Neutrons, and electrons.
  3. Proton has
    a + Positively charged Particles
  4. Neutrons
    has neutral particles
  5. Electron has
    a negative charged particles
  6. Nucleus
    is composed of protons and neutrons
  7. Atomic Number
    is the number of protons
  8. Elements
    are atoms with the same atomic number
  9. atomic Mass
    is the sum of protons and neutrons in an atom
  10. Isotopes
    Atoms that have the same Element that have different atomic mass numbers due to the different numbers of neutrons
  11. neutral Atoms
    have the same number of protons and electrons
  12. Ions
    Charged Atoms
  13. Cations
    have more protons than electrons and are positively charged
  14. Anions
    have more Electrons (-) than Protons (+) and are Negatively (-) charged
  15. Oxidation
    loss of an electron
  16. reduction
    Gain of an electron
  17. Molecules
    are Groups of atoms held together in a stable association
  18. Compounds
    are Molecules containing more than one type of element
  19. compounds are
    molecules containing more than one type of element
  20. chemical Bonds
    Hold together atoms in molecules and compounds
  21. Ionic Bonds
    are formed by the attraction of oppositely charged ions
  22. Covelant Bonds
    formed when atoms share 3 or more valence electrons
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