CH 37

  1. What 3 hormones does the thyroid produce?
    • liothyronin (T3)
    • levothyroxine (t4)
    • Calcitonin
  2. What is the action of the thyroid gland?
    • produced hormones
    • removed iodine and attaches tyrosine to AA
    • thyroid control
  3. What is a disease associated with hyperthyroidism?
    Graves disease
  4. What is a cause of hypothyroidism?
    • no thyroid gland
    • lack of iodine in diet
    • tumor
    • lack of TRH
  5. What causes hypoparathyroidism?
    • absence of calcium parathyrome
    • tumor causing
  6. What is pagets disease
    • genetically linked
    • deep bone pain, headaches, and hearing loss
  7. What is the purpose of the thyroid hormone
    Increase metabolic rate of body tissues, increase O2, resp, HR, rate of fat, protein, growth and maturation
  8. What is a contraindication for thyroid replacements
    • thyrotocixosis
    • MI
  9. What are drug interactions with thyroid hormones?
    • cholesytyramine
    • oral antocoags
    • digitalis
    • theophylline
  10. What is the drug for hypothyroidism?
  11. What is the drug for hyperthyroidism?
  12. What is the purpose of iodine solutions?
    cause thyroid cells to become oversaturated with iodine and stop producing thyroid hormone.
  13. What is used for acute thyrotoxicosis?
    Iodine solutions
  14. What are the contraindications for iodine solutions?
    Pulmonary edema and pulmonary TB
  15. What are adverse effects of iodine solutions?
    • metallic taste
    • sore teeth/gums
  16. What is the drug for antihypocalemia
  17. What are antihypocalemic drugs for?
    hypocalemia, pts on chronic renal dialysis
  18. What are antyhypercalemic drugs for?
    Pagets disease, postmen osteoporosis, emergency tx for hypercalcemia
  19. What is the antihypercalemic drug?
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