CH 19 Wigs and Hair Additions

  1. What century England did men wear wigs(perukes) to indicate they were in the army or navy, or engaged in the practice of law.
  2. The market for products and services related to ___ ____ has expanded to every consumer group.
    Faux hair
  3. A strand of sunthetic fiber will either ball up and melt, extinguishing itself, or it will continue to flame and burn out very quickly while giving off a ___ ____.
    slight odor
  4. a modacrylic fiber, stimulate protein-rich hair with a natural lusturous look and feel
  5. Synthetic hair is not only very realistic, but it is ___ _____ than human hair.
    less expensive
  6. The 2 regions where most human hair is from and comercially available
    India and Asia
  7. Cuticle-intact hair
    turned hair
  8. hair in which the root end of every single strand is sewn into the base(turned hair)
    Remi hair
  9. an artificial covering for th ehead consisting of a network of interwoven hair
  10. a small wig used to cover the top or crown of the head, or a hair attatchment of some sort that doesn't fully cover the head
  11. Capless wigs are more popular than cap wigs as they are ready-to-wear and ___ ____
    less expensive
  12. In capless wigs, hair is woven into ____, which are long strips of hair with a threaded edge
  13. A ___ ____ is best for clients extremely thin hair and for clients with no hair because capless wigs will allow a bald scalp to show through.
    cap wig
  14. These wigs have a method most closely resembles actual human hair growth, with flexibility at the roots
    Hand-tied wigs
  15. These wigs are constructed with a combo of synthetic hair and hand-tied human hair
    Semi-hand tied wig
  16. the least expensive method of wig construction
    Machine-made wigs
  17. a head-shaped form, usually made of canvas-covered cork or styroforam
  18. Human hair will burn ___, giving off a distinct odor
  19. Today most wigs are cut and finished while on the ___, and then cleaned and stored on a drying rack.
  20. These wigs are made by feeding wefts through a sewing machine, then stitching them together to form the base and shape of the wig
    Machine-made wigs
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