TLC Rule & Regulations

  1. When an FHV drivers finds property left by a passenger in the FHV, the driver should
    Return to the passenger if possible, otherwise take without delay to FHV Base
  2. Which of the following is service animal
    All of the above
  3. Which of the following is not a moving violation
    Double parking
  4. Which of the following is not correct
    You are allowed to pickup in the crosswalk if the passenger is standing at the intersection
  5. If when driving an FHV, the passenger opens the rear door and accidentally hits a biker, what should you do?
    Call 911
  6. In which situation may you pass a school bus with flashing red lights on?
    At no times
  7. In which of the following situation may a driver sound the horn?
    To warn animals or pedestrians in case of danger
  8. What is the speed limit in New York City streets, if nothing is posted?
    25 mph
  9. Which of the following is not a for hire base?
    Yellow Taxi Medallion Base
  10. What is the penalty for an applicant of an FHV driver's driver's license test positive for drugs and fails the drug test?
    The applicant will have the application denied.
  11. At an intersection, who should you obey over others?
    The Police Officer
  12. An applicant to a New York City FHV Operator's License must be?
    19 years of older
  13. In New York City, double solid yellow lines painted on the roads means?
    You may not pass another vehicle nor cross such line
  14. A driver may threaten or harass his passenger if?
    None of the above
  15. If a passenger with a disability has difficulty opening the door, the driver should?
    Get out of the FHV and help the passenger
  16. When driving, a blind spot is?
    What you cannot see through your rear view mirrors
  17. A For-Hire Vehicle is?
    A motor vehicle licensed by the commission that has the seating capacity of 20 or fewer passengers.
  18. Which of the following statements is FALSE?
    Livery vehicles are allowed by TLC to pick up passengers by street hail
  19. According to the Taxi and Limousine Commission a black car base is?
    Both A and B
  20. On a trip from Staten Island to Elizabeth, New Jersey, an FHV driver is allowed to?
    All of the Above
  21. In the FHV the driver is request to have?
    Working seat-belts
  22. Where are FHV drivers not allowed to pickup?
    All of the above
  23. If a customer is standing in a bus lane or other no standing zone?
    The TLC driver is allowed to do a quick pickup
  24. Which of the following is a requirement to obtain a New York City For-Hire Driver's license?
    A TLC medical form completed, signed,and stamped by a doctor
  25. When can an FHV driver carry a weapon in the Vehicle?
    If the driver has written permission from the chairperson
  26. Which of the following destinations can an FHV driver refuse?
    Fire Island
  27. What is the penalty for an FHV driver who is caught by NYPD driving 45 mph over the speed limit within the city streets?
    Revocation of the license
  28. Within how much time must an FHV driver inform the commission about the conviction of a crime?
    15 days
  29. When is an FHV driver allowed to smoke in the car?
  30. What is the meaning of reciprocal recognition?
    That For-Hire Vehicles licensed to perform For-Hire Transportation by a qualified Jurisdiction can pick up or drop off in New York City
  31. At which of the following places is an FHV driver not permitted to pick up a passenger?
    No stopping zone
  32. Which of the following is a requirement to obtain a New York City FHV operator's license?
    Applicant must complete a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) course
  33. What should you do if when driving there is an ambulance coming from the opposite direction?
    Pull over to the right and slow down
  34. What would you do if when driving you go through a puddle of water?
    Slow down
  35. What would you do if you are taking a passenger to Kennedy Airport and the passenger has forgotten airplane ticket at home?
    Take the passenger back home to get the ticket
  36. When can you solicit passengers?
    At no times
  37. When can an FHV driver pick up a family member?
    When the driver is not picking up base dispatched customers
  38. When driving a Livery vehicle what would you do if the passenger refuses to pay the fare?
    Proceed to the nearest police precinct
  39. tWhen can you drop off a passenger in a bicycle lane?
  40. What would you do if you see a bicycle coming in the bike lane next to you?
    Maintain proper distance
  41. A school bus that transports disabled passengers coming from the opposite direction, stops, and turns on its flashing yellow lights.  What should you do?
    Stop at least 20 feet away from the bus.
  42. If you are parking your FHV on a hill facing down-hill you must?
    Turn the wheels toward the curb and use the parking brakes
  43. When can an FHV driver refuse a Seeing Eye dog?
    Under no circumstances
  44. When driving, what would you do at a red flashing light?
    Come to a complete stop, look around and proceed when clear
  45. According to the TLC, and FHV driver must?
    Load or unload luggage at the customer's request
  46. Which of the following is against the TLC rules?
    A FHV driver may use an electronic device to play games while waiting for the traffic light to change
  47. A driver may occupy a relief Taxi/FHV stand?
    To park for an hour and go for lunch
  48. What is the penalty if and FHV driver refuses a person with a disability and/or their service animal?
    $5000 and revocation
  49. Where can you see the passenger bill of rights displayed in a Livery car?
    In a protective holder behind the front passenger seat
  50. When you are driving on a two way street and making a left turn at an intersection, who has the right of way?
    Both B and C
  51. Which of the following is correct according to New York State traffic laws?
    All of the above
  52. According to the TLC, what is a driver allowed to charge to Nassau County?
    Whatever is quoted by the dispatcher at the FHV base
  53. Which of the following is not a requirement to get a For-hire Vehicle License?
    The applicant must reside within NYC
  54. When can an FHV driver pick up a dispatched passenger from a curbside bus lane?
    When standing at the bus lane
  55. If a passenger ask you to stop at a deli on the way to work, which response would be appropriate?
    "No problem, Sir"
  56. While driving for an e-dispatch base your smart-phone stops working?
    There will be no more customer pickups until the smart phone and edispatch app is working
  57. What is the maximum seating capacity for and FHV?
    20 or fewer passengers
  58. An applicant for a FHV Renewal License must complete an authorized licensed renewal course?
    Within 60 days prior to the renewal application date
  59. While driving Livery and at the customer's location seven teenagers ask you to take them form Peter Cooper Village to Times Square, you should?
    Suggest to them to call for two livery cars instead of one
  60. On a trip from Fort Greene, Brooklyn to Long Island City, who pays for the toll using the Pulaski Bridge?
    There is no toll
  61. If a passenger who does not speak English enters your FHV, you should?
    Call the FHV dispatcher to help resolve the issue.
  62. Which of the following defines the term "prejudice"?
    All of the above
  63. If two male passengers are kissing in the back seat of the FHV, the driver is allowed to?
    Keep driving to the destination
  64. Within how many hours must you report in writing the loss or theft of your FHV license?
    24 hours excluding weekends and holidays
  65. If when driving your gas pedal gets stuck, you should?
    Pump the gas pedal
  66. The 2% charge that Black Car drivers pay on every fare applies to?
    The Black Car Assistance Corporation (BCAC) fund
  67. Which of the following is a moving violation?
    Unsafe lane change
  68. A FHV Driver that is convicted of felony (a crime, typically one involving violence), he/she?
    Most notify the TLC in writing within 15 calendar days
  69. If when driving and being tailgated, it is best to?
    Maintain speed, signal, and change lanes if possible
  70. According to the TLC, an FHV driver is allowed to do all of the following except?
    Drive an FHV with no shirt
  71. Which of the following reduces the risk of hydroplaning?
    Good Tires (good tread)
  72. An FHV driver is allowed to?
    Let someone else drive his/her FHV if authorized by the insurance carrier and the FHV base
  73. The probationary period for a New York State driver is?
    Six months
  74. Work safety zone signs are?
    Orange and diamond shaped
  75. If the FHV license becomes unreadable the driver must
    Surrender it for replacement
  76. An FHV driver must complete a Defensive Driving course?
    Every three years
  77. When an FHV driver turns on the windshield wipers on the driver must?
    Turn the headlights on
  78. During the probationary period an FHV driver's license will be revoked if?
    The driver is convicted of 3 or more violations
  79. What does the yellow line mean when used to separate traffic lanes?
    It separates lanes of traffic moving in different directions
  80. Which of the following statements is not against TLC rules?
    A driver may lock the doors at anytime
  81. If and FHV driver gets involved in and accident while driving the FHV, which documents should the FHV driver exchange with the other driver?
    Both A and C
  82. An FHV driver is allowed to refuse a passenger, if the passenger?
    Has a mattress and wants to tie it to the roof of the car
  83. The Ambrose-Searles Act states?
    When driving on a multi-lane highway, a driver approaches a stopped emergency vehicle with emergency lights on, the driver is required to move over to the adjacent lane
  84. If a public servant asks an FHV driver for a gift in return of a favor, the FHV driver must?
    Report to the TLC and the NYC Dept of Investigation
  85. Which of the following statements made by an FHV driver is not a violation of the TLC rules?
    "Can I suggest a faster route"
  86. If an FHV driver fails to attend a point reduction course as mandated by the TLC,the FHV driver's license will be?
    Suspended until compliance
  87. According to the TLC which of the following statements is correct?
    A driver may never refuse a passenger, unless there a justifiable grounds to do so
  88. If an individual in a wheelchair ask you to let him/her sit in the front seat and load the wheelchair in the the trunk, you should?
    Load the wheelchair and let the passenger sit in the front
  89. If a group of 5 adult passenger request an FHV that only seats 4 the driver must?
    Suggest to request two FHV's instead of one
  90. According to the TLC program for Persistent Violators, which of the following is correct?
    All of the above
  91. If you are on the highway and after asking politely two times to extinguish the cigarette, the passenger continues to smoke?
    Take the nearest exit and discharge the passenger to the nearest safe location
  92. Work Safety Zones
    May stretch for several miles
  93. What does the white line mean when used to separate traffic lanes?
    It separates lanes of traffic moving in the same direction
  94. An FHV driver may discharge a passenger in a bike lane?
    At no times
  95. Which of the following streets is a thru street in Manhattan (no turns between 10am and 6pm, M-F)?
    49th Street
  96. What is the penalty for a driver who is caught driving 45mph over the legal speed limit while on probation?
    Revocation of license
  97. If when driving, the of the FHV flies open, what must the driver do?
    Put your head out the window and drive slowly to the right
  98. At an intersection without stop signs, two cars arrive at the intersection, who has the right of way?
    The car on the right
  99. An FHV driver must transport a passenger with his or her pet if?
    The animal is a signal dog
  100. What is Cooper's Law?
    If a TLC driver severely injures a pedestrian in NYC the driver's TLC license will be suspended immediately
  101. Which of the following water crossing requires a round trip toll?
    Both B and C
  102. The TLC will direct a driver to submit a drug test if?
    The TLC has reason to believe the driver is using drugs
  103. It is illegal for and FHV to do all of the following except?
    Pick up a customer via a TLC approved edispatch app
  104. According to the TLC, an FHV driver may refuse a passenger if?
    None of the above
  105. What is not a difference between a Black Car base and a Livery car service base station?
    Livery vehicles are dispatched by pre-arrangement
  106. What is the time period the state uses to add up violation points to determine a suspension or revocation?
    18 months
  107. According to Critical Driving Program, which circumstance will lead to the revocation of an FHV driver's license?
    Ten Points on the driver's driving record in a fifteen month period
  108. According to the TLC, when an FHV is receiving worker's compensation benefits due to a work related injury, the driver must?
    Submit the license to the TLC and cease driving
  109. According to the persistent Violater's Program, what is the penalty for a driver who accumulates six to nine points on his/her TLC record within a fifteen month period?
    Suspension of the license up to 30 days
  110. According to the TLC, an FHV driver may refuse a passenger if?
    The passenger is intoxicated and unruly
  111. On street with parked cars on both sides, a driver is allowed to discharge a passenger?
    A close a possible and parallel to the parked cars
  112. In New York City, a driver may turn on steady red traffic light?
    Anywhere after making a full stop and there is sigh permitting it
  113. According to the TLC, and FHV driver may refuse a passenger who wants to go to?
    Atlantic City
  114. Which is not characterized of a luxury limousine base?
    Seating capacity must not exceed 12 passengers
  115. If you are approaching an interaction on a two way road and making a left turn, who has the right of way?
    Both A and B
  116. Authorized drivers from Qualified Jurisdiction are not eligible for reciprocal recognition within NYC if?
    They pickup and drop off multiple times within NYC by pre-arrangements
  117. In which of the following situation may an FHV driver not refuse a passenger?
    Customer has a signal dog
  118. What is not considered justifiable grounds for refusal?
    Customer yells at you to hurry up and drive faster
  119. An FHV driver may occupy the space at a fire hydrant for taking breaks?
    At no times
  120. In which of the following situations should you use the high beams?
    None of the above
  121. At an FHV a driver is required to?
    Park in designated off street parking locations
  122. In the FHV a driver is required for having?
    Working seat belts
  123. You are taking a break and going home to the Bronx, A pedestrian ask if you can take him to the Bronx as well. Can you pick up that passenger?
    You are not permitted
  124. If when driving the rear wheels of your car are skidding to the right, you should?
    Release gas pedal and turn steering wheel to the right
  125. What does the customer not control in the FHV?
    The route the driver takes to the destination
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