1 Kings

  1. Who was the nurse & caregiver for King David when he became old? What nationality was she?
    Ab'i.shag; she was a Shu'nam.mite
  2. When David had grown old & advanced in years, Which of his sons attempted to succeed him as King?
  3. What 3 things did Ad.o.ni'jah do, in his attempt to claim the kingship?
    1) had a Chariot built with 50 men to run before him (1Kings 1:5)

    2) he gained support from Jo'ab & A.bi'a.thar the priest (1Kings 1:7)

    3) had a sacrifice at Zo'he.leth (1Kings 1:9)
  4. Who came up with the plan to inform King David that Ad.o.ni'jah was trying to claim the kingship?
    Nathan the Prophet (1Kings 1:11-22)
  5. Where was Sol'o.mon anointed as King of Israel?
    Gi'hon (1Kings 1:32-34)
  6. On his deathbed, what 3 things did King David tell his son Sol'o.mon to do?
    1) don't let Jo'ab's gray hair go down to Seoul in peace (2Sam 3:27) (1Kings 2:5-7)

    2) show loyal love toward Bar.zil'lai's sons (1Kings 2:7)

    3) Shim'e.i put a curse on David & he swore by Jehovah that he wouldn't put him to death. But, he should not go unpunished! (2Sam 16:5-7) (1Kings 2:8, 9)
  7. David ruled Israel for 40 years, where did he rule in the first 7 years of his reign?
    Heb'ron (1Kings 2:10)
  8. Before he died, why did David instruct his son Solomon to take action against Jo'ab?
    because he murdered Ab'ner & A.ma'sa
  9. When Ad.o.ni'jah approached Bath.she'ba & induced her to act as his agent to gain Ab'i.shag as a wife, why did Sol'o.mon order Be.nai'ah to put him to death?
    Ad'o.ni'jah's statement that "the Kingship was to become mine" indicates that he felt that he was deprived of this right (INSIGHT BK pg 49, 50; last paragraph 49)

    And in the Ancient East, the wives & concubines of a King would only become those of his legal successor (2Sam 3:7; 16:21) (1Kings 2:13-25)
  10. When Sol'o.mon banished A.bi'a.that from Jerusalem & removed him from the office of High Priest, what prophecy did this fulfill?
    The prophecy of the House of E'li (1Sam 2:31; 3:12-14) (1Kings 2:27)
  11. Where did Jo'ab go to seek sanctuary, when he heard Ad'o.ni'jah had been killed & A.bi'a.thar was removed as High Priest & banished from Jerusalem?
    He ran to the tent of Jehovah & took hold of the horns of the altar (1Kings 2:28)
  12. At the order of King Sol'o.mon, who exercuted Jo'ab?
    Be.nai'ah (1Kings 2:34)
  13. Under what Oath did Sol'o.mon bind Shim'e.i to?
    Not to leave Jerusalem or he would be put to death! (1Kings 2:36-38)
  14. When did Sol'o.mon's rule as King began & end?
    1037 to 998 BCE
  15. When Jehovah came to Sol'o.mon in a dream, what did he ask for? Where was Sol'o.mon when Jehovah appeared to him?
    An obedient heart to judge your people... (1Kings 3:5-9)

    Gibeon (1Kings 3:5)
  16. Who did Sol'o.mon form a marriage alliance with?
    Phar'aoh, King of Egypt (1Kings 3:1)
  17. Solomon continued to love Jehovah by walking in the statues of David his father, except for what practice?
    He was sacrificing & making offerings smoke on the high places (1Kings 3:3)
  18. Solomon received cedar & juniper timbers from the King of what land for the construction  of Jehovah's house? What was his name?
    The King of Tyre (1Kings 5:2-9)

    Hi'ram (1Kings 5:2-9)
  19. When did the building of the house of Jehovah began?
    in the 480th year after Israel came out of Egypt

    in the 4th year after Solomon became king

    in the 2nd month (Ziv)
  20. When did the building of the Temple completed? When was it destroyed? How long did it stand?
    1027 BCE; 607 BCE; 420 years (INSIGHT BK pg 1078; subtopic: The Temple Built by Zerubbabel
  21. How long did it take to finish construction on the house of Jehovah?
    7 years (1Kings 6:37, 38)
  22. What did Solomon name the two copper pillars of the porch of the Temple?
    Bo'az & Ja'chin (1Kings 7:21)
  23. What was the only thing in the ark of the covenant, when the temple was dedicated?
    The 2 stone tablets that Moses placed there (1Kings 8:9)
  24. As a gift Solomon gave Hi'ram 20 cities in the land of Gal'i.lee. But, Hi'ram was not satisfied with them. So, what did they come to be called?
    "The Land of Ca'bul" (1Kings 9:11-13)
  25. Why did Jehovah rip the kingdom away from Solomon?
    Because Solomon had many foreign wives & they inclined his heart to follow their Gods (1Kings 11:1-13) (Deu 17:17)
  26. Who deceived the man of the true God, to bread & drink water with him at his home? What was now to happen to the true God?
    • The old prophet (1Kings 13:15-19);
    • he would not come into the burial place of his forefathers (1Kings 13:22)
  27. What was the man of the True God's fate?
    After leaving the old prophet's house, a lion found him on the road & killed him (1Kings 13:23, 24)
  28. Why did Jehovah cut off the family line of King Jer.o.bo'am from off the face of the earth?
    Because he kept appointing priests for the high places from the people in general and not one's from Aaron's line (1Kings 13:33-35)
  29. What is the name of the prophet who informed Jer.o.bo'am that Jehovah would rip the kingdom in two & Jer.o.bo'am would rule the northern ten-tribe kingdom?
    A.hi'jah the prophet (1Kings 11:29-31)
  30. For what purpose did Jer.o.bo'am, get his wife to disguise herself & go to A.hi'jah the prophet?
    To see if there sick son would live (1Kings 14:1-3)
  31. What is the name of the sick son of Jer.o.bo'am?
    A.bi'jah (1Kings 14:1)
  32. What did A.hi'jah the prophet, say, to Jer.o.bo'am's wife, would have to her son?
    When you set foot in the city, the child will die (1Kings14:12)
  33. In the fifth year of King Re.ho.bo'am, who invaded Jerusalem & took the treasures of the house of Jehovah, of the house of the King & the gold shields Sol'o.mon had made?
    Shi'shak, King of Egypt (1Kings 14:25, 26)
  34. Who became to build the city of Ra'mah up to prevent anyone from going out or coming into Judah?
    King Ba'a.sha of Israel (1Kings 15:17)
  35. What three things did A'sa do once he became King of Judah?
    1) he removed the male temple prostitutes from the land

    2) he removed all the disgusting idols that his forefathers had made

    3) he removed Ma'a.cah his grandmother as queen mother of the kingdom because she made an obscene idol for worship of the sacred pole (1Kings 15:9-13)
  36. Instead of relying on Jehovah who did King A'sa use as an Ally to stop King Ba'a.sha's building project at Ra'mah?
    Ben-ha'dad, King of Syria (1Kings 15:17-20)
  37. King A'sa gave silver & gold to the King of Syria in order for him to break his treaty with Ba'asha, King of Israel. Where did he get the silver & gold from?
    The house of Jehovah & the house of the King (1Kings 15:16-20)
  38. What did A'sa do with the building material left in Ra'mah?
    He used them to build up Ge'ba & Miz'pah (1Kings 15:22)
  39. As A'sa became advanced in years, he suffered from a disease. Where was he effected by the disease?
    His feet (1Kings 15:23)
  40. How was the prophecy, against the house of Jer.o.bo'am fulfilled?
    Na'dab, Jer.o.bo'am's son & all Israel were besieging Gib'be.thon of the Phi.lis'tines when Ba'a.sha conspired against him and stuck him down. And soon as he became King, he stuck down all the house of Jer.o.bo'am (1Kings 15:25-32)
  41. Who did Jehovah allow to wipe out the house of Ba'a.sha?
    Zim'ri (1Kings 16:1-4)
  42. When Zim'ri heard Israel made Om'ri King instead of him & they laid siege to Tir'zah, what did he do?
    He burned the king's house over himself and he did died (1Kings 16:16-18)
  43. How long was Zim'ri, King of Israel?
    7 days (1Kings 16:15)
  44. Who became King of Israel after Om'ri?
    A'hab his son (1Kings 16:28,29)
  45. Who influenced A'hab to allow Ba'al worship into the northern ten-tribe kingdom of Israel?
    Jez'e.bal, Ahab's wife (1Kings 16:29-33)
  46. After E.li'jah the Tish'bite declared, "during these years there will be no dew or rain except by my word" where did Jah tell him to hide?
    the valley of Che'rith, east of the Jordan (1Kings 17:1-5)
  47. While E.li'jah the Tish'bite was living in the valley of Che'rith, who brought him food to eat? And what did he eat?
    the Ravens; bread & meat in the morning & evening (1Kings 17:2-6)
  48. After the stream ran dry in the Valley of Che'roth, east of the Jordan. Where did Jehovah send E;li'jah? Who did Jehovah get to supply him with food?
    Zar'e.phath which belongs to Si'don; a widow (1Kings 17:8, 9)
  49. How did Jehovah feed the prophet E.li'jah, the widow & her son during the droit that effected the land at that time?
    a large jar of floor & a small jar of oil that Jehovah never let go empty (1Kings 17:14-16)
  50. When the widow's son died, what did E.li'jah do to bring him back to life?
    • . He took him up to the roof chamber & laid him on his bed
    • . He prayed, stretched himself out over the child 3 times
    • . And asked Jehovah to bring him back (1Kings 17:19-22)
  51. When Jez'e.bel was doing away with Jehovah's prophets, who took 100 of them, hid them in caves & supplies them with bread & water?
    O.ba.di'ah (1Kings 18:1-4)
  52. What challenge did E.li'jah the Tish'bite issue to the 450 prophets of Ba'al?
    Sacrifice a bull to your God. Which ever God that consumed the sacrifice by fire, was the True God (1Kings 18:21-24)
  53. What did the prophets of Ba'al do to get their God to consume their sacrifice?
    Cut themselves with daggers & lances (1Kings 18:27, 28)
  54. Before Jehovah consumed the sacrifice E.li'jah offered, what did E'li'jah ask to be done?
    He asked for 4 large jars of water to be poured over the burnt offering & the pieces of wood 3 times (1Kings 18:33-35)
  55. After Jehovah consumed E.li'jah's sacrifice, what happened to the prophets of Ba'al?
    E.li'jah ordered them to be put to death (1Kings 18:40)
  56. Where were the prophets of Ba'al slaughtered after they lost the challenged issued by E.li'jah?
    At the stream of Ki'shon (1Kings 18:40)
  57. Where did O.ba.di'ah hide Jehovah's prophets to keep them concealed?
    He hid 2 groups by 50 in a cave & supplied them with bread & water (1Kings 18:9-13)
  58. What is the 1st recorded resurrection in the scriptures?
    E.li'jah resurrected the widow's son in the upper chamber of the home (1Kings 17:17-22)
  59. When E.li'jah ran away from Jez'e.bel when she was seeking for his soul, what type of tree did he fall down & fell asleep under?
    A broom tree (1Kings 19:5)
  60. How long did it take E.li'jah to get from the wilderness near Be'er-she'ba to Mount Ho'reb?
    40 days & 40 nights (1Kings 19:8)
  61. What miracle did E.li'jah witness on Mount Ho'reb?
    Jehovah passing by (1Kings 19:11)
  62. E.li'jah was told to do 3 things at the wilderness of Damascus. What were they?
    • 1) anoint Haz'a.el as King of Syria
    • 2) anoint Je'hu as King of Israel
    • 3) anoint E.li'jah as a prophet to take your place (1Kings 19:15, 16)
  63. Even though, E.li'jah thought he was the only prophet of Israel left, how many in Israel were still loyal to Jehovah?
    7,000 (1Kings 19:18)
  64. When Ben.ha'dad II, King of Syria came up against Sa.mar'ia how many other Kings were with him?
    32 other kings (1Kings 20:1)
  65. After Jehovah defeated King Ben.ha'dad II of Syria when he 1st attempted to lay siege to Sa.mar'ia, what did he say was the reason for his defeat?
    Their God is a God of mountains. That is why they overpowered us (1Kings 20:23)
  66. King A'hab of Israel conquered King Ben.ha'dad II twice in warfare. Where did these battles take place?
    Sa.mar'ia & A'phek (1Kings 20:17-21) (1Kings 20:29, 30)
  67. Why didn't Na'both sale his vineyard to the King?
    It was an inheritance from his forefathers & it was unthinkable to sale the vineyard from Jehovah's standpoint (1Kings 21:3)
  68. How did Jez'e.bel get Na'both the Jez're.el.ite's vineyard for her husband, King A'hab?
    • She forged letters w/the King's seal & sent them to the elders of his city.
    • They said, "Proclaim a fast, have 2 good-for-nothing men testify against him and have him stoned to death. (1Kings 21:5-16)
  69. Which prophet delivered Jehovah's judgement to A'hab after he took Na'both's vineyard?
    E.li'jah the Tish'bite (1Kings 21:17-26
  70. What judgement did E.li'jah proclaim to A'hab once he took Na'both's vineyard?
    A'hab's house would become like that of Jer.o.bo'am & Ba'a.sha. All male's will be wiped out. (1Kings 21:20-26)
  71. After E.li'jah spoke the judgement of Jehovah to A'hab the murdered of Na'both & taking his vineyard, how did A'hab respond?
    He ripped his garments apart his garments apart & put sackcloth on his body & began to fast. (1Kings 21:27-29)
  72. After A'hab had defeated Syria twice how long did they go without war between them?
    3 years (1Kings 22:1)
  73. After A'hab let Ben.ha'dad go free, how did he proclaim Jehovah's judgement to him?
    • 1) the prophet had someone strike him, later he called to the king
    • 2) the prophet portended he fought in the battle & then was to guard a prisoner
    • 3) if the prisoner escapes, his life would take the place of the prisoner's life
    • 4) the prophet told A'hab, the prisoner escaped. A'hab said, "so your own judgement will be; you have decided it yourself"
    • 5) the prophet reviled himself & said 'Because you have let the man whom I said should be destroyed escape from your hand, your life must take the place of his life, and your people the place of his people (1Kings 20:38-43)
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