Microbiology Must Know Part 5

  1. Modified Oxidase test is for
  2. Novobiocin resistant Staph
    S. saprophyticus
  3. Bile Esculin HOH (+)
    Group D strep and Enterococcus
  4. Tube coagulase is also known as
    free coagulase
  5. 35'C, 2% NaCl, Vancomycin treatment(Tx)
  6. PYR HOH (+)
    S. pyogenes and Enterococci
  7. Screening test for Neisseria
    Oxidase test
  8. How Neisseria speciated?
    Sugar Utilization test like Cystine Trypticase Agar(TCA)
  9. #1 cause of skin infxn, wound infxn and osteomyelitis
    S. aureus
  10. #1 cause of neonatal meningitidis
    S. agalactiae
  11. #1 cause of bacterial pnuemonia
    S. pnuemoniae
  12. Bacteria causing UTI
    E.coli, S, saprophyticus, Enterococci
  13. Staph that causes Prosthetic valve infection
    S. epidermidis
  14. Swimmer's ear, Burn
    P. aeruginosa
  15. Uses Nasal swab for collection
    S. aureus
  16. Uses stool for collection
    Sal. typhi(typhoid fever)
  17. JEMBEC System
    Transport for Neisseria
  18. Niacin(+), NO3-NO2(+), catalase(-)
    M. tuberculosis
  19. Arylsulfatase test is for
    Rapid growers of Mycobacteria
  20. Toxigenecity (Elek)
    confirms C. diphteria
  21. Square end, bamboo, medusa head
    B. anthracis
  22. Antibiotic associated enterocolitis
    C. difficile
  23. Propionibacterium acnes is a
    Blood culture contaminant
  24. SPS disk test is for
    Peptostreptococcus anaerobius
  25. 20% bile, KVC resistant
    B. fragilis
  26. LOA test
    Moeller's medium
  27. Mineral oil is for
  28. PAD(+), Urease(+), LD(+)
    P-M-P group
  29. Examples of Microaerophiles
    Campy, Helicobacter
  30. ONPG(+yellow)
    Slow lactose fermenter
  31. Rice water stool, string test (+)
    V. Cholerae
  32. What is the color of the following test when they are positive Indole, MR, VP, Urease, NO3-NO2
  33. What is the color of the following test when they are positive.. Citrate, Acetamide, Acetate, Malonate.. and if they are negative
    (+) blue and Green(-)
  34. What is the color of the following test when they are positive... LOA, Hippurate, LIA, Oxidase
  35. What is the color of the following test when they are positive.. ONPG, TSI, V, cholerae TCBS.
  36. Lysine (-), H2S(-)
    S. paratyphi A
  37. Differentiate Vibrionaceae
  38. Differentiate NFO
    O-F test
  39. MacConkey (-)
    Eikinella, Kingella, Moraxella
  40. Pyocyanin, Grape like, cetrimide
    P. aeruginosa
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Microbiology Must Know Part 5
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