PH Final Multiple Choice Set 2

  1. Inventors of photographic processes included:
    • a. Riis, Weston, Daguerre
    • b. Eastman, Adams, Talbot
    • c. Bayard, Herschel, Wedgwood
    • d. Chretien, Da Vinci, Silhouette

    Correct Answer: C
  2. Great pictorial photographers included:
    • a. White, Kasebier, Steichen
    • b. Talbot, Adams, Moholy-Nagy
    • c. Weston, O'Sullivan, Fenton

    Correct Answer: A
  3. Great art photographers included:
    • a. Carleton Watkins, Hamilton Smith, George Barnard
    • b. Oscar Gustave Rejlander, Henry Peach Robinson, George Davidson
    • c. Paul Nadar, Louis Desire Blanquart-Evrard, John. K. Hillers
    • d. Felice Beato, A.J. Russell, Etienne Carjat

    Correct Answer: B
  4. Wet plate processes included:
    • a. Daguerrotypes, Stereo Views, and Calotypes
    • b. Ambrotypes, Albumen prints, Talbotypes
    • c. Cyanotypes, Goyatypes, Platinotypes
    • d. Tintypes, Ambrotypes, Melainotypes

    Correct Answer: B
  5. Henry Peach Robinson wrote:
    • a. Pictorial effect in Photography
    • b. Life and Landscape on the Norfolk Broads
    • c. Naturalistic Photography
    • d. Wild Life on a Tidal Basin

    Correct Answer: A
  6. Daguerrotypes were made by:
    • a. Close
    • b. Brady
    • c. Spagnoli
    • d. all of the above

    Correct Answer: D
  7. "If a photograph is to communicate its subject in all its intensity, the relationship of form must be rigorously established" was said by:
    • a. Alfred Stieglitz
    • b. Lewis Hine
    • c. Henri Cartier-Bresson
    • d. Edward Steichen

    Correct Answer: C
  8. Flaubert influenced the photography of:
    • a. Berenice Abbot and Lewis Hine
    • b. Maxime du Camp and Walker Evans
    • c. Ansel Adams and Jacob Riis
    • d. Cartier-Bresson and Julia Margaret Cameron

    Correct Answer: B
  9. Which of the following was most noted as a portrait photographer?
    • a. Ansel Adams
    • b. Edward Weston
    • c. August Sander
    • d. Eugene Atget

    Correct Answer: C
  10. The following is most noted as a modernist:
    • a. Jacob Riis
    • b. Clarence White
    • c. Paul Strand
    • d. Gertrude Kasebier

    Correct Answer: C
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