FNP2 Derm

  1. When should you apply cool compresses to the skin?
    • blisters
    • crusts
    • oozes
    • itches
    • stings
    • burns
  2. _________ makes itch worse!
    • heat
    • sweating
    • wool clothing
    • low humidity
  3. Which type of topical treatments are good for hairy areas?
    Lotions, and especially gels
  4. Topical steroids should be applied no more than ________ per day.
  5. Topical steroids should be applied how, in order to limid SE?
    two weeks on, one week rest
  6. What classes of topical steroids should never be used on the face?
    I - IV
  7. Precancerous, if left untreated may become squamous cell carcinoma; can often be felt before seen, like a "sandpaper rash". Tx?
    • Actinic Keratoses
    • cryotherapy, chem peels, laser tx, topical chemo
  8. Can begin as AKs on sun-exposed areas and also lips, mouth, genetalia. Tx?
    • Squamous Cell Carcinoma
    • Refer for wide excision
  9. Most common skin CA
    basal cell carcinoma
  10. Most serious form of skin CA
  11. Skin CA that can have different appearances such as dome shaped with visible BVs; waxy, may appear like a scar; shiny pink patch on trunk.
    Basal Cell Carcinoma
  12. Which type of skin cancer grows slowly and rarely spreads? WHich type can spread to other parts of body?
    • basal cell carcinoma
    • melanoma
  13. RF for melanoma include age over _____.
  14. RF for AK include age over _____.
  15. Kerion formation from tinea capitis can cause __________.
    scarring alopecia
  16. Chemotherapy is the most common cause of what type of hair loss?
    Anagen effluvium
  17. Results from sensitivity of hair to androgens
    androgenetic alopecia
  18. Autoimmune condition that results in well-demarcated areas of alopecia on scalp or body and can be recurrent; will often regrow as gray.
    alopecia areata
  19. What should you consider testing with presentation of hair loss?
    • KOH prep
    • TSH
    • CBC, BGL
    • if patchy, test for syphillis (VDRL, RPR)
  20. How do you treat hair loss?
    • Treat cause if identified
    • If cause not identified, refer to derm
  21. Tx for androgenetic alopecia that are for men ONLY.
    • propecia
    • finasteride
  22. AKA lobular capillary hemangioma.
    pyogenic granuloma
  23. small, red, raised papule; may ooze/glisten; usually follows minor injury like torn hangnail.
    pyogenic granuloma
  24. pyogenic granulomas are more common in who?
    kids and during pregnancy
  25. Asymptomatic lesions that vary in size, are flat or raised, velvety or verruculous and vary in color. Also have a "stuck on" appearance and waxy texture with "skin barnacles".
    Seborrheic Keratosis
  26. IF a _________ is removed, it should always be cauterized.
    • pyogenic granuloma
    • (lobular capillary hemangioma)
  27. __________ are AKA skin tags.
  28. discrete dome-shaped papule from cherry red to deeper purple.
    cherry angioma
  29. PO abx for acne and how long?
    • doxycycline
    • minocycline
    • at least 4-6 weeks, may continue for months
  30. PO med for acne in postteen women with no risk of pregnancy.
  31. Topical _______ is best choice for mild acne.
  32. What things can exacerbate rosacea?
    • cold weather
    • stress
    • spicy food
    • alcohol
  33. How to tx rosacea?
    • start with topical like metronidazole or clindamycin
    • severly inflamed -> po doxy
  34. If no resolution in ________ weeks with acne, change the tx.
    4-8 weeks
  35. The itch that rashes.
  36. Distinct coin-shaped lesions after burn or abrasion. Tx?
    • nummular dermatitis.
    • protect skin from injury
    • topical steroids/tar creams
    • oral antihistamine
    • hydration/moisturize
    • if SEVERE = lt therapy, po abx, po steroids
  37. Rash around mouth that can be caused by use of topical steroid creams, also may be from toothpaste or food or face creams. How to treat?
    • Perioral dermatitis
    • gentle soap like dove, do not scrub
    • po abx doxy or tetra
  38. Tx for drug eruptions (dermatitis medicamentosa).
    • stop med if known
    • cool compress
    • tepid baths 
    • topical steroids
    • oral antihistamines
    • oral steroids
  39. What aggravates psoriasis?
    • stress
    • anxiety
    • illness
  40. What meds can cause psoriasis flares?
    • BB
    • antimalarial
    • systemic steroids
  41. Discrete scaly plaques that start on trunk and spread to extremities (not on soles or palms). What is it and how do you tx? What to monitor?
    • Guttate psoriasis
    • oral abx to cover for strep til remission
    • topical tx to reduce rash
    • monitor antistreptolysin levels
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