Microbiology must know part 2

  1. Manner of reporting water bacte
    Most probable number(MPN)
  2. Dissolve agar is composed of
    half H2O+agar+half H2O(distilled or deionized)
  3. Application of Sodium hypochlorite
    10-30 min.
  4. Duran Reynal factor means
    Spreading factor
  5. Streptolysin O
  6. Ag, lytic, anaerobic, O2 labile
  7. DOH 2013
    2 sputum for AFB
  8. Ratio of blood in broth
    1:5(10ml:50 ml broth
  9. Antifungal, anti-gram postive in MAC
    Crystal violet
  10. Kidney Bean Shaped Bacteria
  11. Curve, gram negative rod medium
  12. (+) reaction of hair baiting test
    V shaped perforation
  13. Corn meal agar produces
  14. Farmer's lung disease
  15. CNS virus causing encephalitis
    Rabies Virus
  16. Specimen for HTLV-1 and II
    blood, serum, saliva, semen
  17. Transport virus specimen for days.. What is the temp?
  18. Photometry=
    10 to the 4th power and 10 to the 5th power (10k-100k) CFU/ml
  19. The count Before and after pasteurization
    75k to 15k
  20. AGN and RF (RHD)
    Group A strep
  21. The Four Bacterial Morphology
    Cocci, Bacilli, Spiral, Comma
  22. Clear Mycobacteria media
    Middlebrook 7H11
  23. Calcium alginate is
    Toxic to virus
  24. Alternate of dark field
    Fluorescent microscope
  25. Chain of infection
    Source, Transmission, Host
  26. Asteroid body is a
    Product of Ag-Ab reaction
  27. The water used in making agar
    Deionized/Distilled water
  28. The diameter of HEPA filter
    0.3 microns
  29. Photoreactivity
  30. It easily kills M. tuberculosis in sputum
  31. Anaerobic sampling
    70% ethyl alcohol
  32. Bacteria that causes Peptic ulcer/cancer
    H. pylori
  33. It measures susceptibility zone
    Caliper or ruler
  34. Automation program for susceptibility
  35. N. gonorrhea resides in..
    Eye, vaginal discharge, gastric fluid
  36. Stool for RSV?
  37. C. albicans in SERUM
    Germ tube
  38. Mucoid colonies, -,-,+,+ IMvic
  39. Gas gangrene
    C. perfringens
  40. Hepatitis C test of choice
  41. Called the complete virus particle
  42. Catalase (+), Coag (-), non hemolyzed
    S. epidermidis
  43. Bacteria same size as virus
  44. Bacteria from cows causing colon cancer
    S. bovis
  45. Bacteria causing green pus with fruity odor
    P. aeruginosa
  46. Serrated edges colonial morhology
    P. aeruginosa
  47. Colony is flat, irregular edges, swirling projection, non-hemolytic, dry
    B. anthracis
  48. Aman medium stains..
    cotton blue
  49. Cytomegalovirus best grown in
    Human embryonic fibroblast
  50. Most common pathogen causing pneumonitis in AIDS patients
    P. carinii/jirovecii
  51. Bacteria that thrives best at cold temperature
    L. monocytogenes
  52. Most commonly used for testing sensitivity today?
  53. DNAse test of S. aureus vs. S. epidermidis
    Positive vs. Negative
  54. Indicator for methyl red test
    Methyl red
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