Microbiology Must Know Part 1

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  1. Foot, MOuth Disease Virus(FMDV)
  2. Called drug resistance from microorganism
    biological resistance
  3. Anaerobic atmosphere
    5% CO2, 10% H2, 85% N2
  4. Confirmed water test
    EMB, Endo BGBL
  5. NAFO colour
  6. CSF storage
    37 degree
  7. other name of optochin
    Taxo P, ethylhydrocupreine
  8. bacteria that survives in 6.5% Nacl, Hippurate and esculin positive
  9. Held on colony or filter paper
    Oxidase test
  10. MUG test(+) coliforms 
    Colorimetric =
    Fluorescence =
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  11. PPNG positive
    Penicillinase producing gonoccoci
  12. Critical step in GS
    Decolorization step
  13. What is betelactamase
    • Colorimetric, (+) color change,¬†
    • its a test for B. lactams resistant
  14. Schaudinn Test stains...
  15. Largest RNA virus
  16. Largest DNA virus
    Poxvirus(small pox)
  17. Smallest RNA virus
  18. Smallest DNA virus
  19. Biochemical test is a..
    Presumptive test
  20. Beta lactamase substrate
  21. Specimens for AFB culture
    Urine, CSF, Stool and Gastric juice
  22. Y. enterocololitca is CIN? and Oxidse?
    positive and negative
  23. Aeromonas hydrophilia is CIN? and Oxidase?
    Positive and Positive
  24. Confirms typhoid fever
    bone marrow culture
  25. Presumptive ID of organism
    Differential medium
  26. Confirmatory ID of organism
  27. CMV culture=
    Human embryonic fibroblast
  28. (+) H2O Completed test
    acid w/ gas
  29. Acetamide by product
  30. Fungal culture(CSF)
    28-30 days
  31. Spirochetes microscope
    fluorescent microscope
  32. Household bleach
    10 minutes(also EBOLA)
  33. Benchmarking means
    peer comparison
  34. Zone of inhibition of Optochin for S. pneumoniae
    >14 mm zone
  35. Double zone hemolysis
    C. perfringens
  36. Influenza and Rubella test
    Ref test: heme agglutination inhibition(HAI) test
  37. Difficult to stain/microscopy
    LEptospira spp.
  38. Normal oral flora
    S. viridans
  39. what media use in S. aureus on stool
  40. What plasma is used in Plasma coagulase test
    Rabbit/human plasma
  41. BAP, THIO, and selenite broth are what kind of media?
    enhancement media
  42. (+)  reaction bile solubility test
    lysis of colony
  43. species written in
    lower case
  44. Babes Ernst granules
  45. The composition of Iodophore
    Iodine and Bleach(detergent)
  46. Lecithinase (+)
    C. perfringens
  47. MIC
    • inhibits organism
    • Kills
  48. Used for blood culture disinfection
    Iodine and 70% alcohol
  49. Veillonella and Actinomycetes are
  50. (+) completed test for bacte
    gas + growth
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