1. People stopped treating
    People stopped treating me as if I was stupid
  2. Annie has fallen
    Annie has fallen out with her father about what she should do when she leaves school
  3. Anna wants to give
    Anna wants to give up her job and go to university
  4. Annie has had
    Annie has had an argument with her father about her boyfriend
  5. They told me
    They told me I should stay at school and get the best education possible
  6. For a couple
    For a couple of years it was great
  7. They all finished
    They all finished school and went off to university, while I was still stuck at home
  8. For five years
    For five years, I wished I hadn’t left school so early
  9. I wished I had
    I wished I had done the same as my friends
  10. One they I
    One they I realised it wasn’t too late
  11. I enrolled at
    I enrolled at night school and three years later I proudly took myself off to university
  12. Since then, I’ve never
    Since then, I’ve never had a single regret about my professional life
  13. There are two
    There are two reasons why I’m telling you this story
  14. Firstly, and most
    Firstly, and most importantly, you need to realise that it’s never too late to change your mind
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