AP US History Ch 8

  1. Battles that Started the American Revolution; April 1775
    Battles at Lexington and Concord
  2. Leaders of the small American force that captured British garrisons at Ticonderoga and Crown Point in May 1775.
    Ethan Allen and Benedict Arnold
  3. Place seized in June 1775 from which the colonists attacked Boston.
    Bunker Hill
  4. Continental Congress petition in July 1775 professing American loyalty to the crown and begging the king to prevent further hostilities.
    Olive Branch Petition
  5. German soldiers hired by King George III to fight colnists; named after the principality they came from.
  6. Generals leading the December 1775 attacks on Montreal and Quebec; Montreal was captured but Quebec (launched Dec. 31) beat them back and forced them to retreat. One of these men died.
    Richard Montgomery (died at Quebec) and Benedict Arnold
  7. Month when British set fire to Norfolk, Virginia
    January, 1776
  8. When British was forced to leave Boston
    March, 1776
  9. Colonists won these 2 victories in the South in 1776
    • Against 1500 loyalists at Morre’s Creek Bridge in North Carolina in
    • February. A
    • Against an invading British fleet at Charleston harbor in
    • June.
  10. Thomas Paine's pamphlet that bluntly explained the cruelty of Britain and the colonies' clear path of action. Sold 120,000 copies.
    Common Sense
  11. Democratic town meetings, annual elections, popularly elected committees of correspondence
    (1774-1775), and a relative lack of aristocracy.
    Qualities that made America a good place for a republic.
  12. An item considered fundamental for a successful republican government.
    Citizen virtue
  13. Man in the Philadelphia Congress who on June 7, 1776 moved that “these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states…”
    Richard Henry Lee of Virginia
  14. Young Birginia lawyer recognized as a brilliant writer who drafted the Declaration of Independence at 33.
    Thomas Jefferson
  15. "shout heard around the world"
    refers to the Declaration of Independence
  16. British commander of both Bunker's Hill misadventure and the Battle of Long Island.
    General William Howe
  17. This consisted of Washington's sneak accross the Delaware to capture a thousand unsuspecting Hessians and his following victory over a small British detchment at Princeton.
    New Jersey Campaign
  18. "Old Fox"
    George Washington's Nickname
  19. The General that led a campaign to sever New England from the rest of the colonies. Failed because General Howe did not supply the reinforcements he needed. Was an actor-playwrite-soldier.
    General "Gentleman Johnny" Burgoyne
  20. Attitude of passive hostility toward Britain organized by Catherine the Great of Russia in 1780.
    Armed Neutrality
  21. The "Fighting Quaker" who exhausted and eventually defeated his foe, General Charles Cornwallis, by using a standing then retreating strategy.
    General Nathanael Greene
  22. What the British agents who paid bounties for American scalps were called
    "hair buyers"
  23. known as "the bloody year"
  24. Tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy that sided with the Americans
    Oneidas and Tuscaroras
  25. The first treaty between the U.S. and an Indian nation.
    The Treaty of Fort Stanwix
  26. French Admiral commanding a fleet in West Indies that offered to join Americans in assaulting General Cornwallis at Yorktown
    de Grasse
  27. Treaty that ended the Revolutionary War.
    Treaty of Paris
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