abd mid term

  1. the pancreas is a ______ gland
  2. the pancreas is found behind the _____ omental sac
  3. head of pancreas is anterior to the ivc
    uncinate process is posterior to the superior mesenteric vessels
    gastroduodenal artery is the anterolateral border of the hread
  4. the head of the pancreas lies in the
    lap of the duodenum
  5. the head of the pancreas is inferior to the
    caudate lobe of liver
  6. the _______ passes through a groove posterior to the pancreatic head
    common bile duct
  7. the _____ is the anterolateral border of the pancreas
    gastroduodenal artery
  8. the tail of the pancreas is found
    anterior to the left kidney, near the splenic hilum
  9. the primary pancreatic duct is the
    duct of wirsung
  10. the duct receives tributaries from lobules at right angles and enters the medial second part of the duodenum with the common bile duct at the
    ampulla of vater
  11. what vessel passes anterior to the 3rd part of the duodenum and posterior to the neck of the pancreas
  12. the head of the pancreas the duodenum and parts of the stomach are supplies by the
    gastroduodenal artery
  13. the duct of santorini is an
    accessory duct to the pancreas
  14. the normal dimention of the pancreatic head usually is less than
  15. the normal size of the pancreatic duct is less than
  16. the enzyme that is the most sensitive over time in lab tests for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis is
  17. what is the microscopic collection of cells numbering 1-2million embedded within tissue throughout the gland
    islets of langerhans
  18. the spenic vein is considered to be the
    medial posterior border of the pancreas
  19. if the celiac axis is well visualized, the sonographer should move the transducer in which direction to image the pancreas
  20. the splenic artery is considered to be the
    superior border of the pancreas
  21. the main pancreatic duct joins the ______ before entering the second part of the duodenum
    common bile duct
  22. clinical signd and symptoms is acute pancreatitis include
    • severe abd pain radiating to the back
    • elevated amylase
    • nausea and vomiting
  23. a common cause of acute pancreatitis is
    alcohol intake
  24. the pancreas is reflective in its sonographic apperance because of the multiple
    fat btwn the lobules
  25. what vessel runs posterior to the lower neck of the pancreas and anterior to the uncinae process
  26. the perisitence of the dorsal and ventral pancreas with the head encircling the duodenum is called
    annular pancreas
  27. a condition that causes increased secretion of abnormal mucus by the exocrine glands is
    cystic fibrosis
  28. gallstones are present in 40% to 60% od pts with
    acute pancreatitis
  29. a common course of enzyme destruction via the pancreas is accumulation in the
    lesser sac
  30. on us, pancreatitis may appear
  31. an elderly man with a history of alcoholism recently was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis he now presents with decreased hematocrit and hypotension, your differential includes
    pancreatic hemorrahage
  32. the spreading process of diffuse inglammatory edema of soft tissues that may proceed to necrosis and suppuration is
  33. the most common cause of acute pancreatitis in children is
  34. a pt who presents with jaundice, wt loss, a palpable RUQ mass should be evaluated for
    adenocarcimona of the pancreas
  35. the ligaments that is the remnant of the fetal umbilical vein is
    ligamentum teres
  36. tin segmental anatomy the true anatomic boundary btwn the right and left lobes is
    falciform ligament
  37. which one of the following statements correctly identifies the sonographic characteristics of the hepatic portal vein tributaries
    demonstrate hyperechoic walls
  38. the normal size of the liver's anterior-posterior length is approx
  39. the echogenicity of the liver is ________ to the renal cortex
  40. the liver is enclosed by fibrous capsile called
    glisson capsule
  41. reidel's lobe is a toungue like extension of hte left lobe of the liver
  42. which of the following is the funtioning part of the liver
    • parenchyma
    • lobule
  43. make up the portal confluence
    • splenic vein
    • portal vein
    • smv
  44. portal traid is 3 vessels of structures that course together thoughout the liver
    • common bile duct
    • hepatic artery
    • MPV= main portal vein
  45. most of the digestion and absorption of food takes place in the
    small intestine
  46. the structure often seen on a sagittal u/s to the left of the midline as a bulls eye or target pattern aterior to the aorta and posterior to the left lobe of the liver is the
    gastroesophageal junction
  47. characteristic signs of lymphoma of hte stomach
    • relatively large and hypoechoic appearance
    • marked thickening of the gastric walls
    • spoke wheel pattern
  48. small bowel obstruction is associated with
    dilation of bowel loops prox to the site of obstruction
  49. acute appendicitis may be seen on u/s exam as a
    target lession
  50. the ____ is found anterior to the pancreatic body and is sometimes confused with pancreatic duct
    pyloric antrum
  51. sono finding of crohns disease may include
    • symmetrically swollen bowels patterns
    • uniformly increased wall thickness
    • matted loop pattern
  52. the keyboard sign is seen in the
  53. the appendix is located on the abd wall under
    McBurneys point
  54. an embryologic mistake
    duplication cyst
  55. metastatic disease to the stomach may be secondary to
    • breast
    • lung
    • melanoma
  56. max outer diameter of normal appendix can measure up to
  57. diverticulum is most common in the
  58. most common tumor of the gastrointestinal tract in childern under 10yrs
  59. the colon is divided into segments called
  60. the celiac axis, SMA, and _______ supply both the small ans large intestines
    inferior mesenteric artery
  61. which division of the duodemun courses to the level of the gb neck
    first part
  62. the entrance of the esophagus into the stomach is throught the
    cardiac orifice
  63. the greater curvature of the stomach is supported by all of the following ligaments
    • greater omentum
    • gastrophrenic ligament
    • gastrosplenic ligament
  64. progression of acute appendicitis to frank perforation is more rapid in
    preschool children
  65. symptoms of appendiceal mucoceles may include
    • asymptomatic
    • urinary symptoms
    • sepsis
  66. gastrointestinal leiomyosarcoma most commonly occur
  67. the pseudokidney sign may be seen in
    gastric carcimona
  68. best sonographic window to image the left hemidiaphragm is the
  69. splenomegaly may result from
    • inflammatory process
    • metastatic disease to the spleen
    • polycythemia vera
  70. pts with right side heart failure and elevated systemic venous pressure may develop
    marked dilation of hte intrahepatic veins
  71. the normal sonographic texture of the spleen is
    homogeneous with internal echoes equal to or less wchogenic than those of the liver
  72. the spleen is
    the center for hematopoietic activity
  73. correct anatomic location of structures adjacent to the spleen
    the left kidney lies inferior and medial to the spleen
  74. functions of the spleen
    • production of plasma cells
    • production of lymphocytes
    • destruction of RBC
  75. cysts of the spleen are
    of no clinical significance
  76. the spleen is variable in size and is considered to be all the following
    • tetrahedral
    • triangular
    • orange segment
  77. when accessory spleens are present they usually are located
    near the hilum of the spleen
  78. the major focal defects in the spleen may be caused bay all of the following
    • tumors
    • an infraction
    • cysts
  79. most common b9 neoplasms in the spleen include all of the following
    • cavernous hemangiomas
    • cystic lymphangiomas
    • hamartomas
  80. a slpenic rupture has been reported in pts with
  81. primary tumors that may metastasize to the pleen include
    • melonoma
    • ovary
    • lung
  82. with splenomegaly the left kidney may be displaced
  83. other areas that should be examined with ruling out a splenic rupture
    • liver and lesser sac
    • pelvis
    • renal gutter
  84. what sonographic signs are present in a pt with histoplasmosis
  85. true statement concerning abdominal lymphoma
    retroperitoneal nodes appear as hypoechoic masses
  86. a spleen that has migrated from its normal location is termed
    wandering spleen
  87. the major function of the spleen is
    to filter peripheral blood
  88. in the adult splenomegaly is diagnosed when the length of the spleen exceeds
  89. atrophy of the spleen may be found in
    • normal individuals
    • wasting diseases
    • sicke cell anemia
  90. a chronic disease of unkown etiology that invilves all bone marrow elements is
    polyeythemia vera
  91. in a _______ hematoma of the spleen the splenic capsule remains intact
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