Spanish Verbs - Cumulative

  1. Acomodar
    To accomodate (to put in order)
  2. Ahorrar
    To save (money or time)
  3. Arreglar
    To fix (to arrange)
  4. Ayudar
    To help
  5. Bailar
    To dance
  6. Bajar
    To get off (Bus), get out of a car, to descend, go down, to lower, to down in weight
  7. Caminar
    To walk
  8. Cantar
    To sing
  9. Cenar
    To have diner, to eat dinner
  10. Cocinar
    To cook
  11. Comprar
    To buy
  12. Contestar
    To answer
  13. Cortar
    To cut
  14. Cuidar
    To take care, to look after, to guard
  15. Desayunar
    To eat breakfast
  16. Descansar
    To rest, to take a break
  17. Dibujar
    To draw
  18. Enseñar
    To teach, to show
  19. Entrar
    To enter, to go in, to come in
  20. Escuchar
    To listen
  21. Esperar
    To hope, to expect, to wait
  22. Estudiar
    To study
  23. *Explicar
    To explain
  24. Firmar
    To sign
  25. Fumar
    To smoke
  26. Gastar
    To spend (money)
  27. Gritar
    To scream, to shout
  28. Guardar
    To keep, to put away
  29. Hablar
    To speak
  30. Invitar
    To invite
  31. Lavar
    To wash
  32. Limpiar
    To clean
  33. Llamar(se)
    To call, to be named
  34. *Llegar
    To arrive, to get to
  35. Llenar
    To fill
  36. Llevar
    To carry, to get to
  37. Llorar
    To cry
  38. Mandar
    To command, to send
  39. Manejar
    To handle, to drive, to manage
  40. Mejorar
    To improve
  41. Mirar
    To look at
  42. Nadar
    To swim
  43. Necesitar
    To need
  44. Olvidar
    To forget
  45. Ordenar
    To order, To put in order
  46. *Pagar
    To pay (money)
  47. Parar
    To stop
  48. Participar
    To participate
  49. Pasar
    To pass, to spend (time)
  50. Pasear
    To go for an outing, go to on a trip (to have fun)
  51. Pintar
    To paint
  52. *Practicar
    To practice
  53. Preguntar
    To ask a question
  54. Preparar
    To prepare
  55. Prestar
    To lend
  56. Pronunciar
    To pronounce
  57. Quitar
    To take off, to take away, to remove
  58. Quedar
    To stay
  59. Regresar
    To return, to go back, to remove
  60. Repasar
    To review
  61. Saltar
    To jump
  62. Saludar
    To greet, to say "Hello"
  63. Terminar
    To end, to finish
  64. *Tocar
    To touch, to play (an instrument), to ring (the bell, to knock on door)
  65. Tomar
    To take, to drink
  66. Trabajar
    To work
  67. Tratar de
    To try to
  68. Usar
    To use
  69. Viajar
    To travel
  70. Visitar
    To visit
  71. Aprender
    To learn
  72. Barrer
    To sweep
  73. Beber
    To drink
  74. Comer
    To eat
  75. Comprender
    To understand
  76. Correr
    To run
  77. Deber
    To must have to, to owe (money)
  78. Depender de
    To depend on
  79. **Escoger
    To choose, to select
  80. *Leer
    To read
  81. Meter
    To put in
  82. Prender
    To turn, to light, (seize)
  83. Romper
    To break, to tear
  84. Vender
    To sell
  85. Abrir
    To open
  86. Asistir
    To attend
  87. Compartir
    To share
  88. Consumir
    To consume
  89. Describir
    To describe
  90. Discutir
    To discuss, to argue
  91. Escribir
    To write
  92. Insistir
    To insist, to persist
  93. Recibir
    To receive, to get
  94. Sacudir
    To shake out, to dust
  95. Subir
    To get on (bus) to go up,, to climb up
  96. Sufrir
    To suffer
  97. Vivir
    To live
  98. Agradecer
    To thank for
  99. Aparecer
    To appear
  100. Conducir
    To drive
  101. Conocer
    to know
  102. Crecer
    to grow up
  103. Desaparecer
    To disappear
  104. Merecer
    To deserve
  105. Obedecer
    to obey
  106. Ofrecer
    to offer
  107. Parecer
    To seem, to look like
  108. Pertenecer
    To belong
  109. Producir
    To produce
  110. Traducir
    To translate
  111. Acordarse
    To remember
  112. Acostarse
    To go to bed
  113. Almorzar
    To have lunch
  114. Contar
    To count
  115. Costar
    To cost
  116. Demostrar
    To show
  117. Devolver
    To return an object
  118. Dormir
    To sleep
  119. Encontrar
    To find
  120. Llover
    To rain
  121. Morder
    To bite
  122. Morir
    To die
  123. Poder
    To be able, *Can
  124. Probar
    To try on, to test, to try
  125. Recordar
    To remember, to remind
  126. Rogar
    To beg
  127. Sonar
    To ring, to sound
  128. Soñar
    To dream
  129. Volar
    To fly
  130. Volver
    To go back
  131. Caber
    To fit into
  132. Caerse
    To fall down
  133. Componer
    To repair, to compose
  134. Dar
    To give
  135. Hacer
    To do, to make
  136. Poner
    To put
  137. Saber
    To know
  138. Salir
    To leave
  139. Traer
    To bring
  140. Ver
    To see
  141. Apretar
    To grip, to squeeze
  142. Atravesar
    To cross
  143. Calentar
    To warm
  144. Cerrar
    To close
  145. Comenzar
    To start
  146. Confesar
    To confess
  147. Despertarse
    To wake up
  148. Divertirse
    To have a good time, to enjoy
  149. Empezar
    To start
  150. Encender
    To turn on
  151. Herir
    To wound, to injure
  152. Mentir
    To lie to
  153. Negar
    To deny
  154. Nevar
    To snow
  155. Preferir
    To prefer
  156. Pensar
    To think
  157. Perder
    To lose
  158. Quebrar
    To break
  159. Querar
    To want
  160. Sembrar
    To plant, to sow
  161. Sentarse
    To sit down
  162. Sentirse
    To feel
  163. Temblar
    To tremble, to shake
  164. Conseguir
    To obtain
  165. Corregir
    To correct
  166. Despedirse
    To say good bye to
  167. Medir
    To measure
  168. Pedir
    To ask for
  169. Perseguir
    To chase, to persecute, to run after
  170. Repetir
    To repeat
  171. Seguir
    To follow
  172. Servir
    To serve
  173. Sonreirse
    To smile
  174. Vestirse
    To dress
  175. Reirse
    To laugh
  176. Bendicer
    To bless
  177. Contener
    To contain
  178. Decir
    To say, to tell
  179. Detenerse
    To stop
  180. Tener
    To have
  181. Venir
    To come
  182. Construir
    To build
  183. Contribuir
    To contribute
  184. Destruir
    To destroy
  185. Huir
    To escape, to run away
  186. Influir
    To influence
  187. Sustituir
    To substitute
  188. Estar
    To be
  189. Ir
    To go
  190. Oir
    To hear
  191. Oler
    To smell
  192. Ser
    To be
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