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  1. define the acronym ALARA
    as low as reasonably achievable- having to do with radiation exposure
  2. how are filters used in basic radiation protection?
    absorb low energy x-rays before reaching pt
  3. how are collimators used in radiation protection?
    restricts x-ray beam to the area to be viewed
  4. how are intensifying screens used in rad protection?
    reduce x-ray exposure by 95%
  5. what are the 3 guidelines for x-ray exposure for women of childbearing age?
    elective booking, patient questionarre, postings
  6. 1st commandment of radiology
    time, distance and shielding
  7. 2nd commandment
    don't let familiarity result in false security
  8. 3rd commandment
    never stand in primary beam
  9. what is radiobiology?
    the study of the effects of ionizing radiation on the biologic tissue
  10. state the 50/60 lethal dose principle
    the lethal dose of radiation to the whole body that will result in death within 60 days to 50% of irradiated subjects
  11. direct effect of radiation
    if the initial ionizing event occurs on the most radiosensitive molecule, dna, the effect is direst
  12. effects of direct radiation
    molecular alteration, biochemical lesion, cell death, death, organ damage, tissue damage
  13. indirect effect of radiation
    ex- water is ionized, then transferred to dna
  14. effects of indirect radiation
    molecular alteration, biochemical lesions, point mutations, genetic damage
  15. define doubling dose
    dose of radiation that will produce twice the frequency of genetic mutations as would have been observed without radiation
  16. define roentgen
    unit of radiation intensity
  17. roentgen absorbed dose
    measures radiation absorbed by pt
  18. roentgen equivalent man
    measures radiation absorbed by tech
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