Initial Consult Script

  1. Greet & thank you! 
    1) Welcome! And thank you for choosing our office!

    2) Own words, point to complaint. 

    3) Go over forms.

    4) Anything else?

    5) Before we get started, I'm going to give you a brief explanation of chiropractic & we'll go over what you can expect from today's visit.
  2. Back Doctors
    1) As chiropractors, we are concerned with the health & function of the nervous system. 

    2) We're often thought of as "back doctors" because much of the nervous system travels through the spine.

    3) Due to spinal stresses, traumas or injuries, you can get interference in the nervous system. 

    4) Does that make sense?
  3. Nerve Interference 
    1) These stresses, traumas & injuries are causing your low back pain.

    2) Plus, they could potentially cause problems in other parts of your body, such as digestive issues. 

    3) Chiropractic is all about finding these nerve interferences & correcting them. 

    4) Does that make sense to you?

  4. Today's Goals
    1) Today we're going to do a spinal exam, nerve function test, & spinal x-rays. 

    2) We're going to find out if you have a problem we think we can help you with. 

    3) We're not going to do a report or start any care. 

    4) Just going to find out if we can help you. 

    5) Stay here - a team member will be in to get you started.
  5. Release
    1) I believe you have nerve interference & that we can help you. 

    2) At your next visit we're going to do a report, your first adjustment, & your financial consultation. 

    3) Any questions for me?

    4) A team member will be in to schedule your next visit. 

    5) We look forward to help you! Thank you!
  6. Consult Bullet Points
    • 1) Greet & thank you
    • 2) Tell me in your own words
    • 3) Symptoms page
    • 4) Describe chiropractic 
    • 5) What we're going to do today
    • 6) We're going to find out if you have a problem we think we can help you with
    • 7) We're not going to...
    • 8) We're just going to find out if we can help you
    • 9) What questions do you have?
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