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  1. Stimulation of the vagus (parasympathetic) nerve supply to the heart will lead toSelect one:
    a. an increase in heart rate.
    b. an increase in stroke volume.
    c. a slowing of the heart rate. 
    d. an increase cardiac output.
    e. an increase in end-diastolic volume
  2. Which of the following statements about blood flow through the human heart is correct.Select one:
    a. blood enters the heart via the left and right ventricle and then moves into the left and right atrium.
    b. blood enters the heart via the aorta and then moves into the left and right ventricle.
    c. blood enters the heart via the left and right atria and then moves into the left and right ventricle.
    d. both A and C are correct.
    e. none of the above are correct.
  3. Blood flows from the inferior and superior vena cava into theSelect one:
    a. right ventricle.
    b. left atrium.
    c. left ventricle.
    d. right atrium. 
    e. aortic arch.
  4. At rest, the greatest volume of blood is present in the:Select one:
    a. heart
    b. capillaries
    c. aorta
    d. veins 
    e. pulmonary arteries
  5. The heart muscle obtains oxygen mainly from the blood in:Select one:
    a. the coronary arteries 
    b. the pulmonary arteries
    c. the atria
    d. the ventricles
    e. the coronary sinus
  6. In the circulation, the largest pressure drop occurs across:Select one:
    a. capillaries
    b. arteries
    c. veins
    d. venules
    e. arterioles
  7. Gastric acid, released from parietal cells, is inhibited primarily by which substance?Select one:
    a. acetylcholine
    b. gastrin
    c. cholecystokinin
    d. somatostatin 
    e. histamine
  8. Gastrointestinal motility is:Select one:
    a. the movement of nutrients into the bloodstream
    b. movements in search of food to eat
    c. the movements of the villi to mix food in the gut
    d. the movements of the gut wall to propel and mix contents 
    e. the movement of molecules that lead to enzymatic breakdown of food
  9. What are three major classes of proteolytic enzymes secreted by the pancreas?Select one:
    a. trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen and (pro)carboxypeptidase 
    b. trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen and amylase
    c. chymotrypsinogen, lipase and amylase
    d. trypsinogen, lipase and sucrase
    e. chymotrypsinogen and (pro)carboxypeptidase and lipase
  10. Gastrointestinal hormones are mostly released from cells located in:Select one:
    a. the lining of the gut (the mucosa) 
    b. the muscle layers of the gut wall
    c. the blood vessels in the gut wall
    d. the submucosa
    e. the serosa
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