DI 1

  1. Why DI?
    • 1. dx we cant dx
    • 2. correct dx but with complication
    • 3. we say one dx and physician says another
    • 4. pt education
  2. what is the best radiograph projection for a disc bulge?
  3. How does a MRI work?
    • 1. Magnetic field causes H atoms to line up longitudinally
    • 2. radio frequency cause H atoms to spin
    • 3. loss of radiofrequency cause H atoms to stop spinning giving off energy
  4. dephased
    H atoms that don’t have magnetic field
  5. Time repletion
    Amount of times in a second the atoms are hit around
  6. Time echo
    How many times the atoms spin after radiofrequency removed
  7. T1
    • Good for anatomy
    • Fat: white
    • Water: gray
    • Marrow: white
    • Cortex: black
    • Cartilage: gray
  8. T2
    • Good for water based pathologies (edema)
    • Fat: gray
    • Water: white
    • Marrow: gray
    • Cortex: black
    • Cartilage: gray
  9. Proton density MRI
    Excellent for anatomy
  10. STIR MRI
    Looks for bone edema
  11. Fat saturated selectivity
    Contrast used saturating normal fat so can see fatty tumors better
  12. 1st slice of a scout MRI is always _______ to the lesion
    posterior, cephalic, left
  13. MRI search patterns
    • A: alignment
    • B: bone signal
    • C: cartilage
    • eDema
    • S: soft tissue synovial tissue
  14. Alignment
    Disruption of bone, ligament, tendon, nerve
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