Test #1 questions 26-50

  1. What is the MOST common cause of infection?

    D. Pathogenic bacteria
  2. Which one of the following bacteria does NOT cause disease?

    B. Nonpathogenic
  3. The HIV virus causes which of the following disease?

    A. AIDS
  4. Which one of the following is the BEST method to prevent the spread of bacteria?

    C. Use hospital grade disinfectant
  5. Which one of the following feed on living matter without providing any benefits to its host?

    D. Parasites
  6. A nail technician should refuse to perform services on a client with...

    D. Ringworm

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  7. Alochol, quats, and phenols are known as...

    A. Chemical agents
  8. In the salon, the best way to aoid the chemical overexposure is to use...

    B. Odorless chemical
  9. Paronychia can lead to which one of the following?

    B. Herpes
  10. What is immunity?

    B. Resistance to disease
  11. What can be used by the nail technician to strengthen weak natural nails?

    A. Fabric wrap

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  12. What should the nail technician do to the emery board after a manicure service?

    B. Break before discarding
  13. What should be used to remove product from a jar?

  14. Which one of the following should be used for hand washing before servicing a nail client?

    A. Anti-bacterial soap
  15. Which one of the following is a good antiseptic to use on a slight cut?

    D. Hydrogen peroxide
  16. After being used, metal implements should be

    A. Disinfected and reused
  17. Why is a got oil manicure recommended for nail biters?

    B. Keeps cuticles and hangnails soft
  18. During a nail service, acetone can be used to remove all of the following EXCEPT

    B. Natural nails
  19. What should the nail technician do if a client requests removal of sculptured nails?

    B. Soak the nails in acetone
  20. What is used in the manicre bowl to sinitize fingers?

    B. Antibacterial soap
  21. Before giving a manicure, where should the metal implements be kept?

    C. On a towel on the manicure table
  22. Which one of the following implements BEST removes length quickly from an artifical nail tip?

    B. Nail Clippers
  23. Where should disinfected manicure implements be stored?

    D. In a closed dry sanitizer
  24. When filing fragile nails, what implement should the nail technician use?

    A. Emery board
  25. In manicuring, an antiseptic astringent is used to

    C. Stop minor bleeding
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Test #1 questions 26-50
Test #1 questions 26-50