Test #1 questions 1-25

  1. Which of the following is NOT a function of a muscle?

  2. When you use the electric filing, the correct way to hold it is

    D. 45 degree angle

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  3. Which muscle bends the foot down?

    C. Soleus
  4. Athletes foot is characterized by which one of the following symptoms?

    C. Blisters on toes and soles of feet
  5. Which muscle is used to bend the wrist, turn the hand upward, and close the fingers toward the forearm?

    D. Flexor

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  6. What gives skin its pliability?

    B. Elastin
  7. Which one of the following muscles turns the hand inward?

    D. Pronator

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  8. What function does the adductor muscle perform?

    D. Closes the fingers

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  9. What substance makes a chemical reaction occur more rapidly?

    B. Catalyst
  10. What protein makes up the nails and skin?

    A. Keratin
  11. What portion of the epidermis is under the free edge of the nail?

    B. Hyponychium
  12. The crackle bone is usually found on the

    A. Fingers
  13. Overexposure of chemicals can cause

    B. Health problems
  14. Mold is a fungus infection caused by

    A. Moisture between the artificial and natural nail
  15. What are the tracks at the sides of the nail called?

    B. Nail Grooves

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  16. What is onychocryptosis?

    D. Ingrown nails
  17. Nerves and blood vessels are found in which part of the nail?

    B. Matrix

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  18. Upon what part of the nail does the nail plate rest?

    B. Nail bed

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  19. Nail technicians read the Material Safety Data Sheets prior to using products in order to have knowledge of

    C. Product hazards
  20. The manicurist has watery eyes, is feeling light-headed, sluggish and has difficulty breathing. Which one of the following may cause these conditions?

    B. Overexposure to chemicals
  21. The listing and identifying of harmful ingredients in the products by the manufacturers is required by

    B. MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  22. Nitrocellulose is an ingredient in which one of the following products?

    D. Nail enamel
  23. Which skin condition would prevent a nail technician from prociding a nail service?

    A. Infection
  24. Through which one of the following instruments can bacteria be seen?

    D. Microscope
  25. Which one of the following is an example of sanitizing?

    D. Washing hands with soap and water
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Test #1 questions 1-25
Test #1 questions 1-25