Mr Bennet 9

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  1. Chorus leave as lights come up on Mr Bennet walking outside his house. Not wanting to go in. Lizzy: Dear father, what you must be going through.
    • I should have listened to you both.
    • I should have never let her go.
  2. Jane: You mustn't be so hard on yourself.
    • Mustn't I?
    • Well it is good to be at home.
    • I'm too old to be gallivanting around London.
    • Your uncle will do better.
  3. Servant: Letter for you Sir.
    • Thank you. (opening the letter and reading it)
    • It is from your uncle
  4. Jane: Is it good news?
    • What good is to be expected?
    • He has found them...
  5. Jane: And are they married?
    • There are some financial particulars he asks of me. and then he says they will be.
    • I must write and give him my consent.
  6. Jane: That's wonderful.
    He also says that Wickham's gambling debts of more then £15,000 will be paid and that even then, there will be some money left.
  7. Jane: A gamester!
    • I would like to know how much money your uncle has laid down,
    • And how I am ever to pay him.

    Exits with Lizzy and Jane into house has chorus sings
  8. Mrs B; My dear Lydia! Oh my good, kind brother. I knew he would manage everything. How I long to see her and dear Wickham too. But the wedding cloths. Lizzy; Mother do not forget our uncles' kindness.  We believe he has assisted Mr Wickham with money. Mrs B:Well who should do it but her uncle.  It's the first time we have ever had anything from him except a few presents.
    I have just written to your brother.
  9. Mrs B: Then it's settled.  Oh just think our Lydia married. We must search for a house for them nearby.
    • ( annoyed) Very well, but let us come to a right understating,.
    • Into this house they shell never have admittance.
  10. Mrs B: But she is our daughter. And what of money for her wedding cloths?
    (Angry) I'll not advance a single guinea for her cloths. She'll receive no mark of affection from me on this occasion.

    • He stomps off
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