Mr Bennet 6

  1. Mr Collins: I am quite satisfied. Though she steadfastly refused me, I believe it to be a result of her bashful modesty. Mr Bennet: Bashful modesty? Oh dear. Mr Bennet!
    Mr Bennet enters
  2. Mrs Bennet: Oh Mr Bennet, you must make Lizzy marry Mr Collins for she vows she'll not have him and if you do not make haste, he may change his mind and not have her!
    • And what am I to do?
    • It seems a hopeless business.
  3. Mr Bennet: Speak to her. Insist upon her marrying him.
    Very well.
  4. Mrs Bennet: Lizzy! Come here this intent! Your father would like to speak to you. (lizzy enters)
    Come here, child.

    • I understand that Mr Collins has made you an offer of marriage.
  5. Lizzy: Yes.
    And you have refused?
  6. Lizzy: I have.
    • Your mother however,
    • insists upon your accepting it.
  7. Mrs Bennet: Or I will never see her again.
    • An unhappy alternative is before you.
    • From this day you must be a stranger to one of your parents.
    • Your mother will never see you again if you do not marry Mr Collins.
    • and I will never see you again if you don't.
  8. Lizzy hungs him: Thank you father.  Mrs Bennet :  Mr Bennet you promised.
    stay on stage to black out
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