Spanish Verbs - Irregular IV

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  1. Apretar
    To grip, to squeeze
  2. Atravesar
    To cross
  3. Calentar
    To warm
  4. Cerrar
    To close
  5. Comenzar
    To start
  6. Confesar
    To confess
  7. Despertarse
    To wake up
  8. Divertirse
    To have a good time, to enjoy
  9. Empezar
    To start
  10. Encender
    To turn on
  11. Herir
    To wound, to injure
  12. Mentir
    To lie to
  13. Negar
    To deny
  14. Nevar
    To snow
  15. Preferir
    To prefer
  16. Pensar
    To think
  17. Perder
    To lose
  18. Quebrar
    To break
  19. Querar
    To want
  20. Sembrar
    To plant, to sow
  21. Sentarse
    To sit down
  22. Sentirse
    To feel
  23. Temblar
    To tremble, to shake
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