Mr Bennet 2

  1. Scene 4; Mr Bennet enters holding a letter.
    Lydia; and auntie said the regiment arrived yesterday and Meryton will be their headquarters. Kitty: and they'll stay the whole winter! Lydia; She said she'll visit them all. Kitty: and find out their names....
    You must be two of the silliest girls in the country.
  2. ....Mrs Bennet and Mary entre: We're back.  Oh it is so refreezing to take a walk though it was rather muddy from the storm.
    • I received a letter while you were out.
    • It is from my cousin, Mr Collins.
  3. Mrs Bennet; Oh, I cannot bear to hear the name of that odious man.  To think he will inherit this house when you die.
    • It is a most iniquitous affair, but,
    • apparently he wants to pay us a visit.
  4. Mrs Bennet; A visit?
    • He says he's a recently ordained rector
    • under the patronage of
    • Lady Catherine de Bourgh
    • and seeks to make amends.

  5. ......A servant enters with a note. Elizabeth; Thank you, "My dearest Lizzy I find myself unwell this morning which may be due to my getting wet yesterday.  My kind friends will not hear of my returning home till I am better."
    • Well my dear if your daughter should die.
    • it would be a comfort to know that it was all in pursuit of Mr Bingley.
  6. Lizzy: I will go see Jane.....Lydia/Kitty; We will too! daughters exit.
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