Regulations 2

  1. T/F: a person who graduated from a proved US physical therapy school and filed an application with the department may practice as a PT under the direct supervision of a licensed PT in this state for no more than 120 days after the date of application
  2. T/F: If an individual with a temp license fails his/her licensure exam they many no longer work under that temp license
  3. T/F: A PT or PTA can work as PTA under temp license
  4. T/F: If you fail your exam you have to pay again
  5. T/F: IF you are registered as a PT in any other state , providence in Canada or any other country that has higher standards you can become a PT in Canada for $285 w/o exam (same for PTA)
  6. Letters cant be used implying licensure as a PT
    “Registered PT”, “Licensed PT”, “Physical therapist”, RPT, LPT or any other words or insignia (same for PTA plus PTA)
  7. Direct access (w/o oral or written referral) is allowed as long as the PT
    • 1. was admitted to a bachelors program prior to 1/1/98 and practiced for 4/6 most recent yrs; OR received a Master’s deg or higher
    • 2. pt has to disclose PCP at initial visit
    • 3. tells the pt that the PCP has to be informed of condition if pt doesn’t get better in 30 days or requires ongoing tx
    • 4. refers pt to appropriate HCP if pt does not show objective, measurable, functional improvement in 30 days or 6 tx sessions (whichever earlier)
  8. To perform a Grade 5 (manipulation) you must:
    • 1. Get a written or oral referral AND
    • 2. Have a bachelors degree before 1998 and practice 4 of the last 6 years OR a masters degree AND
    • 3. Hold an OCS (ortho clinical specialist certification) OR 40 hours of manual therapy coursework (which you will have in the program)
  9. Repercussions for fraud PT/ PTA
    <5yrs imprisonment, <$500
  10. T/F: there is no repercussion for failing to renew license in timely manner
  11. T/F: licensed and certified people in other fields can provide “wellness care” that is within their scope or practice
  12. Wellness care
    • Conditioning
    • Strength training
    • Fitness
    • Workplace ergonomics
    • Injury prevention
  13. T/F: the Board of Examiners for PT shall have jurisdiction to hear all charges of conduct that don’t conform to standards
  14. Reasons for legal action
    • 1. Conviction in a court of competent jurisdiction within or outside the state
    • 2. illegal, incompetent or negligent conduct or not supervising PTA
    • 3. aiding or abetting unlawful practice
    • 4. treating human ailments by PT w/o referral
    • 5. Failure to register w/ the Department of public health
    • 6. Fraud or deception in obtaining a license
    • 7. engaging in fraud of material deception
    • 8. failure to comply w/ continuing ed requirements
    • 9. violation of any provision in this chapter
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