Reflexive Verbs

  1. I fall asleep
    me duermo
  2. you get up
    te levantas
  3. A quarter to seven
    a las siete y quarto
  4. quarter to eight (7:45)
    a las ocho menos quarto
  5. very early morning
  6. I get ready for bed
    me aquesto
  7. I bathe myself
    me bano
  8. I wake myself up
    me despierto
  9. I get up (out of bed)
    me levanto
  10. I shave myself
    me afeito
  11. I put on my makeup
    me maquillo
  12. I do my hair
    me peino
  13. I shower myself
    me ducho
  14. to bathe
  15. to take off clothes
    quitarse la ropa
  16. to wash ones hair
    lavarse el pelo
  17. to tie ones shoes
    atarse los zapatos
  18. to brush ones hair
  19. to cut ones nails
    limarse las unas
  20. to brush ones hair
    cepillarse el pelo
  21. to dry ones hair
    se seca el pelo
  22. You brush your hair every morning
    Te cepillas el pelo cada manana
  23. She curls her hair
    Se riza el pelo
  24. We get dressed
    Nos vestimos
  25. They undress themselves
    Se quitan la ropa
  26. I sleep at 9:30
    me duermo a las nueve e media
  27. At 6:30 David wakes up
    A las seis e media David se despierta
  28. At 7:45, David gets out of bed (wakes up)
    A las cuarto par la siete se levanta
  29. They brush their teeth after breakfast
    Se cepillan los dientes despues del desayuno
  30. You dress your self at 7:40
    Te vistes a las siete e cuarenta
  31. I go at 8:15
    Me voy a las ocho e cuarto
  32. I am drying my hair
    Estoy secandome el pelo
  33. She is going to get out of bed at 7:00
    Va a levantarse a las siete
  34. You must sit down
    Tienes que sentarte
  35. to sit oneself down
  36. to curl ones hair
    rizarse el pelo
  37. to wake oneself up
  38. to brush ones teeth
    cepillarse los dientes
  39. to put oneself to sleep
  40. to put ones self to bed
  41. to put perfume on oneself
    ponerse el perfume
  42. to get oneself dressed
  43. to paint ones nails
    pintarse las unas
  44. You wash your face
    Tu te lavas la cara
  45. I take off my gloves
    Me saco los guantes
  46. They put on makeup
    Ellas se maquillan
  47. Don't write notes to yourself
    No se escriba notas
  48. I am showering
    Estoy duchandome
  49. Take off your hat
    Quitate el sombrero
  50. I am going to shave
    Voy a afeitarme
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