1. The doctor told me
    The doctor told me I was ready for an artificial leg
  2. He fitted it
    He fitted it a year ago and, at first, I found it really hard to use it
  3. I’m completely
    I’m completely used to walking on it now
  4. I used to have
    I used to have a really active life
  5. Apart from the surfing
    Apart from the surfing, I used to go mountain biking and hiking
  6. At first I thought
    At first I thought I’d lose all that, but it’s amazing how much you can still do
  7. I’m not as quick as
    I’m not as quick as I used to be but I can still have fun
  8. I haven’t got used
    I haven’t got used to going back into the sea yet
  9. It’s difficult
    It’s difficult to get the memory of that shark attack out of my head
  10. You can leave
    You can leave your kids with her. She’s very sensible.
  11. She won’t let
    She won’t let them do anything stupid
  12. Whatever you do
    Whatever you do, don’t say anything about her new haircut
  13. She hates it
    She hates it and gets really upset when people say anything negative about her
  14. He says he’s
    He says he’s going to prove them all wrong
  15. He knows how
    He knows how lonely old people can get
  16. Your son makes up
    Your son makes up the most amazing stories. He’s got real talent
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