PH Final Multiple Choice Set 1

  1. Margaret Bourke-White is noted for her work for:
    • a. FSA
    • b. Photo-Secession
    • c. Photo League
    • d. Life

    Correct Answer: D
  2. The Bauhaus was significant for:
    • a. visual experimentation
    • b. pictorialism
    • c. encouraging use of editors
    • d. pure commercialism

    Correct Answer: A
  3. The f/64 group was named for:
    • a. the muscles used in making photographs
    • b. socially oriented photography
    • c. the ideals of William Mortenson
    • d. the aperture in a camera providing the greatest range of sharpness

    Correct Answer: D
  4. Two photographers who made photograms were:
    • a. Man Ray and Atget
    • b. Moholy-Nagy and Arturo Bragaglia
    • c. Berenice Abbot and Ansel Adams
    • d. Moholy-Nagy and Man Ray

    Correct Answer: D
  5. Precisionism is a style of painting similar to the photographs of:
    • a. Clarence White
    • b. Charles Sheeler
    • c. Felix Man
    • d. Edward Steichen

    Correct Answer: B
  6. A photographer noted for dramatic portraits of migrant farmers for the FSA is:
    • a. Dorothea Lange
    • b. Julia Margaret Cameron
    • c. Eugene Atget
    • d. Lewis Carroll

    Correct Answer: A
  7. A photojournalist noted for war photography is:
    • a. Salomon
    • b. Krull
    • c. Capa
    • d. all of the above

    Correct Answer: C
  8. Paul Strand was influenced by:
    • a. Man Ray
    • b. Ansel Adams
    • c. Moholy-Nagy
    • d. Alfred Stieglitz

    Correct Answer: D
  9. The Surrealists published the photographs of:
    • a. Alfred Stieglitz
    • b. Gertrude Kasebier
    • c. Erich Salomon
    • d. Eugene Atget

    Correct Answer: D
  10. A German photojournalist who was one of the first staff members of Life was:
    • a. Alfred Eisenstaedt
    • b. Andre Kertesz
    • c. Felix Man
    • d. Carl Mydans

    Correct Answer: A
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