Medical Term

  1. cervic, as in cervicetomy
    meaning: neck, or the excision of the neck of uterus
  2. ectomy means
    excision of something
  3. otomy means
    incision of something
  4. word beginnings are called
  5. word endings are called
  6. the foundation of a word is known as the
  7. a letter linking a suffix and a root, or linking two roots in a term is the
    combining vowel
  8. the combination of a root and a combing vowel is known as the
    combing form
  9. cyst/o
    urninary bladder
  10. cyt/o
  11. derm/o or dermat/o
  12. encephal/o
  13. -al
    pertaining to
  14. -scopy
    process of visual examination
  15. -ic
    pertaning to
  16. -gram
  17. -opsy
    process of viewing
  18. A, an
    without, absent, no, not
  19. apnea
    absence of respiration (non breathing)
  20. anorexia
    absence (lack) of appitite
  21. ab-
    away from
  22. Ad-
    to, toward
  23. adductor
    draws near
  24. abduct
    move away from
  25. abnormal
    pert to away from the rule
  26. Ante-
  27. antenatal
    pert to before birth
  28. Anti-
  29. antibiotic
    against infection (life of bacteria)
  30. Bi,
    two, double, both
  31. bilateral
    to both side
  32. Brady-
  33. bradypnea
    slow breathing
  34. Co-, Con
    together with
  35. congenital
    being born with
  36. Contra-
    against, opposite
  37. contralateral
    pertaning to the opposite side
  38. Cry(o)
  39. cryosurgery
    destruction of tissue using cold
  40. Crypt-
  41. cryptorchidism
    condition of undescended testicles
  42. Cyan-
  43. cyanosis
    bluish discoloration of the skin (abn. cond. of)
  44. De-
    down, lack of
  45. dehydration
    cond. lack of water (fluids)
  46. Dys-
    bad, difficult, painful abnormal
  47. dyspnea
    difficult breathing
  48. dysmenorrhea
    painful menstrual flow
  49. Dia-
    through, complete
  50. Diarrhea
    (to) flow through
  51. Ec, ecto -
    outside, out
  52. ectopic pregnancy
    pert. to pregnancy outside of the uterus
  53. En, endo
    in, within
  54. endocarditis
    inflamm. of lining of heart (endocardium)
  55. Epi-
    upon, above
  56. epigastric
    pert. to above the stomach
  57. Ex-
    out, away from
  58. excision
    process of cutting out
  59. Hemi-
  60. hemiplegia
    paralysis of half (one side) of the body
  61. arthralgia
    pain in join
  62. otalgia
    pain in the ear
  63. neuralgia
    pain in the nerves
  64. myalgia
    pain of muscles
  65. rectocele
    hernia of the rectum
  66. cystocele
    hernia of the urniary bladder
  67. thoracentesis
    surgical puncture to remove fluid from the chest
  68. amniocentesis
    surgical puncter of the amnion
  69. abdominocentesis
    surgical puncture of the abdomen
  70. streptococcus
    berry-shaped (spheroidal) bacteria in culsters
  71. pleurodynia
    pain the chest wall muscles that aggrated by breathing (literally pain of the pleura)
  72. laryngectomy
    removal of the larynx
  73. mastectomy
    removal of the brests
  74. ischemia
    holding back of blood from area of the body
  75. angiogenesis
    formation of blood vessels
  76. electroencephalogram
    record of the electricty in the brain
  77. myelogram
    xray of the spinal cord
  78. angiography
    process of recording xray images of blood vessels
  79. bronchitis
    inflam of the bronchi
  80. thrombophlebitis
    inflam of a vein with clot formation
  81. morphology
    study of shape or form
  82. hemolysis
    destruction of blood (break down of red bloodcells with release of hemoglobin)
  83. osteomalacia
    softening of bone
  84. chondromalacia
    softening of carilage
  85. splendomegaly
    enlargement of the spleen
  86. myoma
    benign tumor of the muscle
  87. myosarcoma
    malignant tumor of the muscle, a type of flesh (-sarc) tissue
  88. multiple myeloma
    tumor of the bone marrow
  89. necropsy
    autopsy or postmortem examination
  90. necrosis
    condition of death of cells
  91. hydronephrosis
    abnormal condition of water found in the kidney
  92. cardiomyopathy
    disease of the heart muscle
  93. erythropenia
    deficiency of red blood cells
  94. neutropenia
    deficiency of neutrophils
  95. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  96. achondroplasia
    no or improper development of cartilage
  97. angioplasty
    surgical repair of blood vessles
  98. blepharoptosis
    prolapse saging of an eyelid
  99. nephroptosis
    prolapse of a kidney
  100. arterioscleriosis
    hardining of the arteries
  101. lapraoscope
    instrument to visually examine the abdomen
  102. metastasis
    beyond control, spreading of a cancerous tumor
  103. hemostasis
    stopping the flow of blood natrually or by compression
  104. colostomy
    new opening of the colon to the outside of the body
  105. tracheostomy
    new opening of the windpipe to the outisde of the body
  106. lapraotomy
    incision into the abdomen
  107. phlebotomy
    incision of a vein
  108. tracheotomy
    incision of the trachea
  109. hypertrophy
    excessive development
  110. atrophy
    no development, wasting away of tissue
  111. pneumonia
    abnormal condition of the lungs
  112. nephrologis
    specialist in the study of the kidney
  113. arteriole
    small artery
  114. venule
    small vein
  115. pericardium
    membranous sac enclosing the heart
  116. mucus
    sticky secreation from mucous membrane
  117. esophagus
    muscular tube carrying food from the throat to the stomach
  118. nephropathy
    disease of the kidney
  119. peritoneal
    pertanining to the peritoneum (lining of the abdominal cavity)
  120. inguinal
    pertaning to the groin
  121. tonsillar
    pertaining to the tonsils
  122. axillary
    pert. to the armpit
  123. laryngeal
    pert. to the voice box
  124. osteogenic
    pert. to produced within bone
  125. chronic
    long-term, over a period of time
  126. pathologic
    pert to the study of disease
  127. adenoids
    collection of lympahtic tissue in the throat, near the nose
  128. resemblig
  129. adipose
    pert. to fat
  130. mucous membrane
    a lining that secretes mucus
  131. necrotic
    pert. to death of cells
  132. apnea
    not breathing
  133. anoxia
    without oxygen (decreases in tissues)
  134. abnormal
    pert. to away from the norm
  135. abductor
    one who leads away from the body
  136. adductor
    one who leads toward the body
  137. adrenal glands
    endocrine glands located above the kidneys
  138. anabolism
    process of casting up materials, buildingbuilding proteins within cells
  139. analysis
    to separate apart
  140. ante cibum
    before meals
  141. anteflexion
    bending foward
  142. antepartum
    before birth
  143. antisepsis
    condition against infection
  144. antibitoic
    pert. to against life (germ life)
  145. antigen
    substance that stiumaltes the production of antibodies
  146. antibody
    protein substance made in the body to destory foreign antigens
  147. antitoxin
    substance produced in reponse to and capable of nutralizing a toxin
  148. autoimmune disease
    condition related to making antibodies that act against ones own cells and tissues
  149. bifurcation
    forking into two, as the trachea bifurcates into two individual tubes
  150. bilateral
    pert. to two sides
  151. bradycardia
    condit. of slow heart beat
  152. catabolism
    process of casting down materials, to release energy in cells
  153. congential anomaly
    irregularity @ birth
  154. connective
    bind together
  155. contraindication
    to point out against, as reason why a drug should not be taken
  156. contralateral
    pert. to the opposite side
  157. diameter
    to measure through
  158. dialysis
    complete seperation,
  159. hemodialysis
    separating waste from the blood
  160. peritoneal dialysis
    using the peritoneum to filter blood.
  161. -trop
    development, nourishment
  162. hypertrophy
    excessive development (like muscle size)
  163. -stomy
    new opening
  164. gastroduodenostomy
    new opening o stomach and duoden
  165. stasis
    stopping, controlling
  166. hemostasis
    stopping or controlling bleeding
  167. -spasm
    sudden contraction
  168. dactlyospasm
    spasm (cramp) in fingers/toes
  169. -sis
    state of, condition
  170. diagnosis
    state of complete knowledge
  171. -scopy
    visual exam
  172. laryngoscopy
    vis exam of larnynx
  173. -scope
    instrument to examine
  174. cystoscope
    instrument for exam of urinary bladder
  175. -sclerosis
  176. arterosclerosis
    hardening of the arteries
  177. -rrhea
    flow, discharge
  178. rhinorrhea
    discharge from nose
  179. -rrhapy
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