Ustep3 day 30

  1. most common side effect of INH + vit b6
  2. mcc side effect of TURP
    dry ejaculate
  3. rx for familial hypocalciuric hypercalcemia
  4. exposure to active tb, next step
    check for PPD now and then 3 months later
  5. rx for opthalmic candidaias
    vitrectomy and amphot
  6. dx of hypothyroid, when can you not do surgery
    in case of myxadema coma or other symptoms
  7. anal spincter
    dorsi-plantar flexian
    hip flexion
    • s2-s4
    • l5-s2
    • l1-l2
  8. cremasteric reflex cn be lost due to
    dm neuropathy
  9. rx for tinea pedis
  10. rx for PML in HIV
  11. rx for sagittal sinus thrombosis in pregnancy
  12. effusion in pt being treated for TB, next step
    tap, but this is most likely due to an enhanced immune response
  13. what califications are associated with benign lung nodules
    concentric, central, popcorn, homogenous
  14. high ca, next step
  15. PTSD duration criteria
    1 month
  16. horizontal laceration to the eye, injury
    levator muscle
  17. lithium causing hypothyroid state, next step
    give t4
  18. hx of fall, everything is normal, next step
    perform get up and go test
  19. sickle cell trait electrophoresis results
    Hgb S and Hgb A 60:40 respectively
  20. alchol rx for HOCM
    after medical therpy fails
  21. indication for parathyroidisecmy in asymptom
    • ca level >1 above normal
    • renal failure
    • T<2.5 at any site
    • <50 yo
  22. how does amiodarone and BB affect thyroid hormones
    block conversion of t4 to t3
  23. rx for herpes zoster in fection
    acyclovir within 72 hours
  24. can u give varicella vaccine is someone in the household is immunocompromized
    yes but must watch for rash
  25. rx for cherry angioma
  26. high PPV depends on what
    high specificity
  27. test to confirm polymyositis or dermatomyositis
    ana, anti-rnp,
  28. when do you do biopsy for polymyositis
    if serology is not definitive
  29. rx for hepatic hydrothorax
    fluid restriction and diuretics
  30. contraindication to varenciline
  31. acute stress disorder
    • like PTSD but duration is less than 1 month
    • includes intrussive thoughts
  32. rx for adenomas
    • surgery
    • dopamine agonists
  33. hemidiaphragm paralysis usually accompanies what
    erbs palsy
  34. mcc complication of anal abscess
  35. juvenile myoclinc epilepsy vs absence seizures
    JME persist longer
  36. HSP is due to
    • iga nephropathy
    • rx is supportive care and steroids
  37. rx for primary or secondary syphilis
    one shot of benzathine pcn

    • latent or tertiary- benzathine pcn x 3 weeks
    • neurosyphilis or congenital syphils- aqueous pcn x 2 weeks
  38. how to prevent jarix herxheimer reaction in syphilis
    u cannot
  39. anemia + eonisphilia + diarrhea, rx
  40. painless loss of vision, floaters,flashing lights dx
    retinal detachment
  41. rx for atopic dermatitis
    topical steroids
  42. a small study will make what mistake
    type II error
  43. when do you order cardiac cath instead of stress test
    • when probablity of cad ishigh
    • heart failure
  44. low potency steroids
    • triamcinolone
    • hydrocortisone
  45. mcc ocular finding in sarcoid
    uveitis-pain, red eye, photophobia
  46. best test for analysis of diffeence in mean values in several groups
  47. dx of toxic synovitis
  48. failure to thrive child, next step
    improve diet
  49. rx for constipation in kids
  50. rx for dysfunctional uterine bleedings
  51. when do you give progesterone for dub
    when they cant tolerate progesterone
  52. comon side effect of OCP
    breaktrough bleeding
  53. rx for psoriatric arthritis
    • if skin <10 % involvement and no joint-steroid topical
    • if arthritis- give mtx
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Ustep3 day 30
Ustep3 day 30