USTEP3 Day 28

  1. abcsess with no cells component, just anchovy paste dz
    entamoeba histoyltica ussually from mexico
  2. difference in presentation between e. histolytica vs hydatid disease
    e.histolytica is symptomatic
  3. rx for prostatits in Men >35
    Bactrim or Fq for 4 weeks
  4. when do do surgery for pirmary hyperparathyroids
    • renal failure
    • calcium is high
    • dexa scan
    • ¬†or age <50
  5. best way to prevent diabetic ulcers
    glycemic control
  6. uncomplicated MI, may return to work in
    2 weeks
  7. most common cause of erythema multiformie
    what does the rash look like
    • herpes or drugs
    • targetoid
  8. ehrlichosis?
  9. breast lump in women >35
    • >35, FNA
    • <35-re-examine after menses
  10. decreased ankle reflexes meaning
    nothing, non-specific
  11. mcc of post partum hemorrhage
    retained product of conception
  12. how long can you wait before staring bp meds
    up to 1 year unless they have end organ damage
  13. acute onset dyspnea, petechial rash, dx
    fat embolism
  14. hydatid is produced from what organism
  15. who should ask about organ donation
    nobody from medical team, it should be organ donor network people
  16. what improves survival for early prostate cancer
    radiation and surgery are the same
  17. what has less incontinence, surgery or radiation
  18. ataxia, slurred speech, rash around the mouth, dx
    inhalant abuse
  19. cough followed by emesis
    whoppoing cough-perutssis
  20. rx for whooping cough-pertusis
    treat pt and contact
  21. when should you repair inguinal hernia in a newborn
    right away
  22. elevation of PTT in a patient with no prior hx of bleeding problem
    acquired coagulation factor inhibitor
  23. anticoagulate aflutter?
  24. risk factor for macular degeneration
    cant seen in dark rooms then cant drive or read
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