USTEP3 day 26

  1. subclinical hypothyroidism
    TSH from 5 to 10, normal T4
  2. when do you treat asymptomatic subclinical hypothyroidism
    • abnormal lipids
    • anti-tpo antibodies
    • symptoms
  3. 1st line rx for ADHD in pre-school kids
    behavioral therapy
  4. what must be done prior to starting ADHD stimulants
    cardiac hx and exam
  5. kids fails methylphenidate, next step
    try another stimulant-atomoxetine
  6. what is standardized mortality ratio
    observed deaths/expected
  7. what must be give to people on high steroid doses
    calcium and vit d
  8. allergen most frequently associated with asthma
    dust mites
  9. who is high risk for breast ca
    • -2 1st degree relatives with breast ca and 1 <50 yo
    • -3 1st or 2nd degree relative with breast ca
    • - 1st degree with bilateral breast ca
    • -male cancer
    • -ashkenazi woman ¬†with 1st or 2nd degree with breast ca
  10. best screening test for thyroid in pregnancy
  11. hsv infection in prengnacy? next step
    check serology, if +, give acyclovir, if -ve nothing
  12. rx for organophosphate poisoning
    atropine and pralidoxime
  13. rx for atropine overdose
  14. prophylaxis for neisseria meningitis
    • rifampin
    • ciprofloxacin
    • ceftriaxone
  15. patients with bariatric surgery should be assumed they are deficient in what vitamins
    vit d and vit b12, vit b1
  16. calcium not at goal(serum) in pt with hypoparathyroidism, and high urine calcium excretion add?
  17. mcc of viral meningitis in adults?
    • herpes
    • adenovirus and arbovirus
  18. Rx duration for tb meningitis
    12 months
  19. rx for displaced clavicualr fracture vs non displaced
    • surgery
    • conservative
  20. first line Rx for OCD
    exposure and response
  21. rx for eczema
    • topical oilments
    • topical steroids
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USTEP3 day 26
USTEP3 day 26