1. He also did
    He also did badly in intelligence tests
  2. He was fascinated
    He was fascinated by Peek and began to write a new script based loosely on his experiences
  3. The film made
    The film made a big difference to Peeks’s life
  4. His new-found
    His new-found fame helped him to become more self-confident
  5. He quickly got
    He quickly got used to being the centre of attention and made several appearances on TV
  6. He also travelled
    He also travelled extensively around the country
  7. To raise awareness
    To raise awareness of the condition he suffered from
  8. Peek insisted that
    Peek insisted that everyone he met should take a turn at holding it
  9. He died, sadly
    He died, sadly, of a heart attack at the end of 2009
  10. I used to go
    I used to go surfing every morning
  11. I used to enter
    I used to enter competitions
  12. It was tough
    It was tough at first but I’m used to it now
  13. At first it
    At first it was really weird having only one leg
  14. I spent six
    I spent six months getting used to going everywhere in a wheelchair
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