Ch 14 Principles of Hair Design

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  1. _____ can emerge from many sources: moviesm TV, magazines, videos...
  2. element of hair design that defines form and space
  3. type of line to create space
  4. what kind of line is positioned between horizontal and vertical lines
  5. What lines move in a circular or semi-circular direction
    curved lines
  6. Curved lines can be placed horizontally, vetically, or diagonally and are used to create a _____ when used repeatedly in opposite directions
  7. Contrasting lines are horizontal and vertical lines that meet at a _______ angle
    90 degree
  8. What lines are usually curved lines that are used to blend and softed horizontal or vertical lines
  9. _____ are lines with a defininte forward or backward movement
  10. another name for 3D mass or general outline of a hairstyle
  11. The hair form should be in proportion to the shape of the head and face, the length and width of the neck, and the ____ line
  12. the area surround the form or the area the hairstyle occupies;may contain curls, curves, waves straight hair, orany combo
  13. Chemically infused services that make changes in the natural tecture, curl, or wave pattern in the hair are considered _____ and will never revert back to original pattern
  14. ____ based chemical treatments used for smoothing or straightening the hair are also available in today's market
  15. hairstylist shoulde use ___ patterns to accent the face and narrow a round head shape
  16. Because the eye is drawn to the lightest color present, you can use a ____ color to draw a line in a hairstyle in the direction you eant the eye to travel, as witht he highlights around the fringe or facial area.
  17. A singleline of color, or a series of repeated lines of color, can create ___, _____ ______
    bold, dramatic accent
  18. the comparative relationship of one thing to another
  19. establishing equal or appropriate proportions to create symmetry
  20. to measure symmetry, divide the face into ____ _____ ______
    4 equal parts
  21. a regualar pulsation or recurrent pattern of movement in a design
  22. focus; in a design is what draw the eye first, before it travels to the rest of the design
  23. hold all the elements of design together
  24. Hair type is categorized by two defining characteristics:
    directional patterns and hair texture
  25. The basic hair textures are fine, medium, and coarse. Hair density, or hair per square ____, ranges from very thin to very thick
  26. A client's facial shape is determines by the position and prominence of the ____ ____
    facial bones
  27. What face shape is about one and a half times longer than its width across the brow
  28. Best styling choice for round face shape
    height or volume on top and closeness or no voloume at the sides
  29. Styling choice for square face shape
    volume in the area between the temples and jaw by adding width around the ear area
  30. the outline of the face, head, or figure seen in a side view
  31. Which profile has a receding forehead and chin
  32. For narrow forehead, lighter highlights may be used at the temples to create the illusion of ____
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