5-7 Electrical Systems SQ

  1. What are the two types of electric current?
    AC and DC.
  2. What components supply AC power?
    AC generators and inverters.
  3. Transformer rectifiers produce what type of electric current?
    DC from an AC input.
  4. What provides a constant rotational input to the generator regardless of engine rpm?
    CSD (constant speed drive).
  5. Generators can provide what type(s) of power?
    AC or DC, depending on generator type.
  6. If equipped, what does an APU provide?
    Emergency power or power during ground operations.
  7. What bus provides power to safety of flight components?
    Essential bus.
  8. Distribution of electrical energy is accomplished by a ____ system.
  9. Name the four types of busses and the type of equipment that is supplied power.
    • Essential bus - safety of flight
    • Primary bus- mission equipment
    • Monitor/ Secondary bus- convenience items
    • Starter bus - starting circuits
  10. What provides an automatic means of interrupting electrical power? A manual method?
    • Automatic
    • Fuses
    • Circuit breakers.

    • Manual
    • Circuit breakers
    • switches.
  11. What signals a system malfunction?
    Warning lights
  12. What is the main provider of power to the AC busses?
    AC generator
  13. With the main generator failure, what bus or busses will stay on the line?
    DC and AC essential buses
  14. What provides power to the start bus?
    External DC power, internal battery or APU.
  15. What bus charges the battery?
    DC essential bus.
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