#Word List

  1. How good is your email etiquette?
    • the formal rules of correct or polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession
    • ( shishtachar )
  2. He eventually found his niche in sports journalism.
    comfortable or suitable role, job, way of life, etc.
  3. There are millions living on incomes below the poverty line.
    ( garibi )
  4. Such data can be helpful in evaluating the conservation status of plants.
    ( junya goshti jatan karane )
  5. Her parents are very liberal and allow her a lot of freedom.
    ( udar, mothya manacha )
  6. He met many fascinating people in the course of his travels.
    to attract or interest somebody very much
  7. The butler announced that dinner was served.
    the main male servant in a large house
  8. Take the cake out of the oven.
    ( anna shijannyachi shegadi, batti )
  9. I feel awful about forgetting her birthday.
    ( aativaet, prachand, bhayanak )
  10. There is still an immense amount of work to be done.
    Very large or great
  11. congruent triangles
    • having the same size and shape
    • ( rekrup, samrup )
  12. His latest book is a delightful children’s tale about talking animals.
    ( gosht )
  13. His paintings capture the essence of France.
    • the most important quality or feature of something, that makes it what it is
    • ( sar, multatv, ark )
  14. We may now look forward with optimism.
    a feeling that good things will happen and that something will be successful
  15. He aspires to become a teacher.
    ( mahatvkansha, utkat ichha )
  16. She has a great affection for her parents.
    ( 1. prem, aapulaki 2. vikar )
  17. We give discount on TV, washing machines and much more besides (adv).
    ( shivay )
  18. She has no other vehicle besides (prep) her bicycle.
    ( jodine, aanakhi kherij )
  19. This world of ours came into being long long age.
    • existence
    • ( 1. aasatitav 2. jivant prani 3. swabhav )
  20. He left the room despite repeated requests not to leave.
    • ( chi parva n karata )
    • = in spite of
  21. He gradually developed the competence to deal with the more difficult cases.
    • the ability to do something well
    • ( kshamata )
    • = ability
  22. We have developed rapid order processing to expedite deliveries to customers.
    • to speed up
    • ( kamala veg aanane )
  23. When she heard the baby crying, she hastened up the stairs.
    • to move or act with speed
    • ( ghaene halchal/kruti karane )
    • = hurry, rush
  24. We sell good quality food at reasonable prices.
    • fair
    • ( samjutdar, patnyasarakhe )
  25. he capital is reachable in less than an hour by plane.
    ( pohochnyajoge )
  26. Dust and dirt soon accumulate if a house is not cleaned regularly.
    • to collect
    • ( gola karane )
    • = amass, build up, gather
  27. The money was placed in a special account to accrue interest.
    • to increase over a period of time
    • = accumulate
  28. He asked to see the amended version.
    to correct a mistake or to improve it
  29. Senior managers are directly accountable to the Board of Directors.
    • responsible for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when you are asked
    • ( jababdar )
  30. The main objective of this meeting is to give more information on our plans.
    • something that you are trying to achieve
    • ( hetu )
    • = goal
  31. Try not to let negative thoughts take over.
    to become bigger or more important than something else; to replace something
  32. How long will it take to acquire the necessary skills?
    to gain something by your own efforts, ability or behaviour
  33. The company has just acquired new premises.
    to obtain something by buying or being given it
  34. I took Sarah's children to schoool so I have done my good deed for the day
    • ( kruti )
    • = act
  35. we must take steps to rectify the situation.
    • to put right something that is wrong
    • = correct
  36. hostile conditions for plants to grow in
    ( virodhi )
  37. The court adjourned for lunch. The chairman may adjourn the meeting at any time.
    to stop meeting or an offical process for a period of time
  38. The memory expansion cards are useful adjuncts to the computer.
    a thing that is added or attached to sth larger or more important
  39. She offered me practical assistance with my research.
    help or support
  40. The committee made recommendations to the board on teachers' pay and conditions.
    an official suggestion about the best thing to do
  41. adverse change/ adverse weather condition.
    • Lack of money will have an adverse effect on our research programme.
    • negative and unpleasant; not likey to produce a good result
  42. (v) The officer briefed her on what to expect.
    to give sb information about sth so that they are prepared to deal with it
  43. brief visit/meeing/ pause/silence
    short time
  44. a brief desctiption/summar. Please be brief (= say what you want to say quickly).
    using few words
  45. Members have been notified that there will be a small increase in the fee.
    • to formally or officially tell sb about sth
    • = inform
  46. He has no notion of the difficulty of the problem.
    an idea, an understanding of sth
  47. He gained a certain notoriety as a gambler.
    fame for being bad in some way
  48. Don’t interfere in what doesn't concern you.
    to affect sb/sth; to involve sb/sth
  49. The story concerns the prince's efforts to rescue prision.
    to be about sth
  50. He didn’t concern himself with the details.
    to taka an interest in sth
  51. She was concerned to write about situations that everybody could identify with.
    to think it is important to do sth
  52. It concerns me that you no longer seem to care.
    to worry sb
  53. For the government, education is now at the top of the agenda (=most importanat).
    a list of iteams to be discussed at a meeting
  54. An inquiry was set up to determine the cause of the accident.
    • to disconver the facts about sth; to calculate sth exactly
    • = establish
  55. A date for the meeting has yet to be determined.
    • to officially decide/arrange sth
    • = establish
  56. He gets aggressive when he is drunk.
    angry, ready to attack
  57. This product claims to firm your body in 6 weeks.
    to make sth become stronger or harder
  58. Rank's shares firmed 3p to 696p.
    shares, prices to become steady or rise steadily
  59. firm bed/mattress
    not easy to press into different shape
  60. No building can stand without firm foundations and neither can a marriage.
    strongly fixed in place
  61. We have no firm evidence to support the case
    not likely to change
  62. pushy salesman
    trying hard to get what you want, especially in a way that seems rude
  63. vigorous campaign against tax fraud
    • very active or full of energy
    • = energetic
  64. vigorous young man
    strong and healthy
  65. Words will be displayed around the room to aid students with spelling.
    • to help sb/sth to do sth, especially by making it easier
    • = assist
  66. an alliance between education and business to develop the use of technology in schools
    an agreement between countries, political parties to work together in order to achieve sth that they all want; group of people who work together
  67. I completed the test within the time allotted.
    • How much money has been allotted to us ?
    • to give time, money, tasks to sb/sth as a share of what is available
  68. They apportioned the land among memebers of the family.
    to divide sth among people
  69. We all desire health and happiness.
    to want sth; to wish for sth
  70. He has never had any aspiration to earn a lot of money.
    a strong desire to have or to do sth
  71. They amassed enough evidence to convict her.
    • to collect something, especially in large quantities
    • = accumulate, gather
  72. He asked to see the amended version.
    to change a law, document, statement, etc. slightly in order to correct a mistake or to improve it
  73. detailed assessment of the risks involved
    • opinion or a judgement about somebody/something that has been thought about very carefully
    • = evaluation
  74. tax assessment
    amount that has been calculated and that must be paid
  75. Their marriage was annulled after just six months.
    to state officially that something is no longer legally valid
  76. An unhealthy diet will nullify the effects of training.
    • to make something lose its effect or power
    • = negate
  77. He refused to listen to her tearful pleas.
    urgent emotional request
  78. He said he would appeal after being found guilty on four counts of murder.
    to make a formal request
  79. The design has to appeal to all ages and social groups.
    to attract or interest somebody
  80. to make a serious and urgent request
    to make a serious and urgent request
  81. She became the first black woman to be elected to the Senate.
    to choose somebody to do a particular job by voting for them
  82. Increasing numbers of people elect to work from home nowadays.
    to choose to do something
  83. Managers must appraise all staff.
    to make a formal judgement about the value of a person’s work
  84. It's difficult to assess the effects of these changes.
    to make a judgement about the nature or quality of somebody/something
  85. They have assessed the amount of compensation to be paid.
    • to calculate the amount or value of something
    • = estimate
  86. She tried to seize the gun from him.
    • to take somebody/something in your hand suddenly and using force
    • = grab
  87. The army has seized control of the country.
    to take control of a place or situation, often suddenly and violently
  88. When she told them what she intended they readily consented.
    • to agree to something or give your permission for something
    • = accept, approve
  89. The election victory is a clear endorsement of their policies.
    public statement or action showing that you support somebody/something
  90. He tried to gauge her mood.
    to make a judgement about something, especially people’s feelings or attitudes
  91. We were able to gauge the strength of the wind from the movement of the trees.
    to calculate something approximately
  92. She's perfectly safe, I can assure you.
    • to tell somebody that something is definitely true or is definitely going to happen
    • = guarantee
  93. Can you give me a definite answer by tomorrow?
    • sure or certain; unlikely to change
    • = bound, sure, guaranteed
  94. Fasten your seatbelts, please.
    • to close or join together the two parts of something; to become closed or joined together
    • = do up
  95. Fasten the gates securely so that they do not blow open.
    to close something firmly so that it will not open; to be closed in this way
  96. He fastened back the shutters.
    to fix or place something in a particular position, so that it will not move
  97. The branches were swaying in the wind.
    to move slowly from side to side
  98. She wasn't swayed by his good looks or his clever talk.
    • to persuade somebody to believe something or do something
    • = influence
  99. We must consider all possible contingencies.
    • event that may or may not happen
    • = possibility
  100. You rescued me from an embarrassing situation.
    • to save somebody/something from a dangerous or harmful situation
    • = redeem, bail out
  101. Her arm was beginning to swell up where the bee had stung her.
    to become bigger or rounder
  102. embargo on arms sales to certain countries
    • official order that bans trade with another country
    • = boycott
  103. Chemical weapons are banned internationally.
    • to decide or say officially that something is not allowed
    • = prohibit
  104. A lack of qualifications can be a major obstacle to finding a job.
    • a situation, an event, etc. that makes it difficult for you to do or achieve something
    • = hindrance
  105. Lack of confidence is a psychological barrier to success.
    a problem, rule or situation that prevents somebody from doing something, or that makes something impossible
  106. These tasks were repetitive, lengthy and lacking any intrinsic interest.
    belonging to or part of the real nature of something/somebody
  107. You should put more effort into your work.
    physical or mental energy that you need to do something
  108. battle with an insurance company
    • competition, an argument or a struggle between people or groups of people trying to win power or control
    • = struggle, drive, war, fight
  109. Sometimes small firms can outdo big business when it comes to customer care.
    • to do more or better than somebody else
    • = beat
  110. The government has been criticized for not taking the problem seriously.
    • to say what you do not like or think is wrong about somebody/something
    • <> praise
  111. She has openly criticized the government.
    to judge the good and bad qualities of something
  112. bespoke software
    making products specially, according to the needs of an individual customer
  113. It was wrong to gamble with our children's future.
    to risk losing something in the hope of being successful
  114. She accused her brother of stealing money out of her room.
    • to blame, to charge with the fault
    • = impeach, criminate, incriminate
  115. Things will be different and we will have to adapt.
    • to change or alter so as to fit a different situation
    • ( aanukul hone )
    • = suit, adjustment, conform, fit, adjust, accommodate, alter
  116. I admire John's courage.
    • to look at with respect
    • ( kaituk karane )
    • = appreciate, consider, esteem, honor, regard, respect, value, approve of, adore, like, love, desire, take to, go for, treasure, worship
    • <> despise, look down on
  117. I would admire to go.
    • like, desire
    • ( samman karane, shradha asane )
  118. He made faces to amuse her.
    • cause (someone) to find something funny
    • ( hasavane, manoranjan karane )
    • = entertain, cheer, delight, charm
    • <> bore, tire, weary
  119. Please go away and stop annoying me.
    • irritate (someone), make (someone) a little angry or impatient
    • ( tras dene, chidavane )
    • = bother, irritate, trouble, harass, harry, anger, tease, chafe, disturb, provoke
    • <> comfort, calm
  120. I get nervous when I speak in front of large crowds.
    • number of persons or things gathered together
    • ( (n) gardi
    • (v) gardi karane )
    • = bunch, gang, crew
  121. He left the party early in the pretext of having work to do.
    • an excuse, a false reason
    • ( khoti sabab, bahana )
    • = pretense, excuse
  122. They stayed married for the sake of their children.
    • ( hetu, udesh )
    • = purpose, motive, interest, cause, aim, objective, consideration
  123. Friends gather together just for the sake of nostalgia
    • 1. homesickness
    • ( 1. ghrachi odh
    • 2. aapalya bhutkalatil goshti vishae/jivana vishae chi odh )
    • = remembrance, homesickness, regret, longing
  124. She got the job, thought (conj) she had no experience. He will probably come, you never know though (adv).
    • (conj) in spite of the fact that
    • ( (conj) jari, aase asale tari
    • (adv) taridekhil, tathapi )
    • = although, while, even if, despite the fact that, allowing, granted, even though, nevertheless, still, however, yet, nonetheless
  125. There is need for radical changes in education.
    • Fundamental, concerning the most basic and important parts of something
    • ( payabhut, sampurn )
    • = base, root, entire, complete, drastic, rigorous, extreme, fundamental, basic, essential, native, constitutional, vital
  126. radical ideas, radical solution to the problem
    • new, different and likely to have a great effect
    • ( purn navin )
  127. He looked at her eagerly, with youthful, questioning eyes.
    • typical of young people
    • ( tarunala sajesa, tarunyapurn )
  128. The trees are in blossom early this year.
    ( fule )
  129. She was a fully blossomed beautifully charming woman.
    ( fule yenyacha kal )
  130. beautifully charming woman.
    ( utkarshyacha kal, viksit zalela kal )
  131. He's handsome and charming
    • the power of pleasing or attracting people
    • ( bhural, mohit )
    • = magic spell, influence, attraction, magnetism, spell, magic
  132. His speech charmed the audience.
    • to please or attract somebody in order to make them like you
    • ( mohit karane )
  133. Perhaps you will be selected
    • possibly
    • ( kadachit )
    • = maybe, possibly
  134. He struck his head against the wall.
    • ( aaghat, aapatane, chyavar aadalane )
    • = hit, bang, smash, attack, knock, beat, collide with, fall upon
  135. The workers are striking for better wages.
    ( samp karane )
  136. It struck me that he was hiding something from me.
    ( umange, manat yene )
  137. I don't like people staring at me.
    • to look fixedly
    • ( tak laun pahane, dole vatarun pahane )
  138. a mild woman, who never shouted
    • clam, soft, gentle (person)
    • ( saimya, shant (vyakti) )
    • <> intense, strong, powerful, violent, harsh, unpleasant, unkind
  139. mild winter/climate
    • not very cold
    • ( saimya vatavaran )
  140. mild irritation/disapproval
    • (of feelings) not great or extreme
    • ( kami kadak / fike saimya (chav/pey) )
  141. mild infection
    ( ganbhir nasalela aajar )
  142. mild painkillers
    ( haluvarpane parinam karnare )
  143. 1. To take/have a glance (n) at the newspaper headlines
    • 2. She glanced (v) at her watch.
    • (n) a brief look, quick look
    • (v) to look quickly at something/somebody
    • ( (n) ozarata pahane, najarafek )
    • = glimpse, scan
  144. My friend couldn't recognize me.
    • to known again
    • ( olakhane )
    • = greet, realise
  145. Manager send his secretary a bouquet of flowers on her birthday.
    • bunch of flowers
    • ( pushpguchha )
    • = to succeed, flourish, thrive
  146. The holiday was to revitalize us and prepare us for the new year.
    • ( navin jom/shakati dene, nav chaitanya nirman karane )
    • = regenerate
  147. The payee of the cheque must endorse it.
    • to sign one's name on the back of
    • ( Pathimaghe sahi karane )
    • = certify
  148. I wonder how many celebrities actually use the products they endorse.
    • to sign one's name on the back of
    • ( manyata dene, samatti dene )
  149. I mingled and talked with many people at the party.
    • ( misalane )
    • = mix, unify
  150. Nearly 5% of the voters didn't bother to vote.
    • to worry, to pester
    • ( (v) tras dene, (n) 1. tras 2. kalagi )
    • = hassle, trouble, infliction, annoyance, pain, inconvenience, irritate
  151. Throughout the day
    • through the whole of
    • ( (prep) suruvatipasun shevat paryant
    • (adv) sarvatra, sarv babtit )
  152. The bus went through the tunnel.
    • (prep) from end to end of
    • ( aarpar, madhun )
  153. she was silent all through the dinner.
    • (prep) from end to end of
    • ( chya shevat paryant )
  154. we shall be in pune Tuesday through Saturday.
  155. (prep) from end to end of
    ( chya pasun…chya paryant )
  156. He worked right through.
    • Sit through the long speech.
    • (prep) from end to end of
    • ( pahilya pasun shevat paryant )
  157. electricity passing through wires.
    • (prep) from end to end of
    • ( eka tokapasun dusrya toka paryant )
  158. Are you through with this book ?
    • (prep) from end to end of
    • ( sampalele )
  159. I clipped some articles out of the newspaper.
    • ( chimata, kapane, thppad marane, kes kapane )
    • = snip, trim
  160. The child has a lot of mischef in it.
    ( khoti, cheshta )
  161. We stopped the child from getting into mischief.
    ( khatyalpana )
  162. The fact is he was a natural musician and also a shrewd businessman, as we shall see.
    • ( chatur, shahana )
    • = sharp, astute
  163. seize smuggled goods
    • ( kaydeshir taba karane, japt karane )
    • = capture, conquer, clutch, grab
  164. the thief seized the woman's purse
    ( jaga, vastu hiskaun ghene, jabardastine taba ghene )
  165. He seized hold of my hand
    ( pakadane )
  166. to seize an opportunity
    ( cha labh ghene )
  167. to sieze an idea / a plan
    ( lahech lakshat ghene )
  168. spark of light, electrical spark
    • ( thinagi, chamak
    • )
    • = flicker, glint, twinkle, trip, trigger
  169. spark of cleaverness
    ( budhichi chamak )
  170. not spark of truth/hope
    ( ansh )
  171. He lacks creative spark
    ( ussah )
  172. Tom blushed when he saw Mary naked.
    • shyness, to redden
    • ( lajane, laj )
  173. 1. He made an angry gesture (n). 2. He gestured (v) the boy to be quiet.
    ( bhavana vyakt karnyashathi hatvare, havbhav karane )
  174. This game seems interesting.
    • to appear to be
    • ( disane, vatane )
    • = apperar, look
  175. Take my money but spare my life.
    ( vachavane )
  176. Can you spare me a few dollars ?
    ( vel, paise dusaryasathi bajula kadhane )
  177. spare tyre
    ( jada )
  178. spare figure
    ( (vyakati) barik )
  179. spare meal
    ( alp, apure (jevan) )
  180. Don't worry about the key, I have a spare.
    ( jada, suta bhag )
  181. none of your affair
    • concern, event
    • ( kam )
    • = matter, thing, intimacy, involvement
  182. a strange affair
    ( bab, ghotala, mamala )
  183. love affair
    ( lafade )
  184. The tragic story affected me deeply.
    • ( parinam karane )
    • = impact, bear on, involve, pretend, dissemble
  185. affect ignorance
    ( dhong karane )
  186. He is afraid of the dog.
    • ( 1. ghabarnara, bhayabhit 2. ekhadi goshat karayla nakhush )
    • <> fearless, unfraid
  187. At first I was not sure which one I wanted, but afterwards I decided on this red one.
    • succeeding time
    • ( nantar )
    • = later, subsequently
  188. A ladder against a wall
    • ( chya var, la tekun )
    • = contrast to, contrary to, defense from, resistance to, opposed to, opposition to
  189. Swim against the current
    ( chya virusha dishene )
  190. Evidence against him
    ( la pratikul )
  191. To save money against a rainy day
    ( chya virudh tartud mahnun )
  192. I have been waiting for ages.
    • ( 1. vay 2. yug, kalkhand 3. utarvay 4. far motha kal 5. mhatara hone )
    • = eld, historical period
  193. He walked ahead of us.
    • in front, forward
    • ( pudhe, aaghadila )
    • = leading, in the lead, in front, forward, onwards, beforehand, in advance
  194. along the road
    ( bajune (eka tokapasun dusrya tokaparyant )
  195. a path along the river
    ( khetun, lagun )
  196. come along
    ( barobar, pudhe )
  197. He had brought some friends along.
    ( chya sobat )
  198. Although the sun was shining, it wasn't very warm.
    • even if, though
    • ( 1. jari, adyapi 2. jari…tari )
    • = in spite of, even though
  199. 1. Children feel a lot of anxiety about their examinations.
    • ( 1. chita, kalagi, aasvastata 2. aaturata, ussukata )
    • = worry
  200. The two shops are 2 metres apart
    • aside (of position)
    • ( 1. eka bajula, aalag 2. vilag, sute 3. dur )
    • = isolated, obscure, aside
  201. When it comes to good quality wine, no country can rival France.
    • ( (n) pratispardhi
    • (adj) dusarya peksha varchadh honyacha prayatn karane
    • (v) shi spardha karane, barobari karane )
    • = challenger, competitor, contender
  202. They arrived home last night.
    • ( 1. yeun pohochne 2. (mahatvacha kshan) yene 3. (balak) janmala yene 4. yash milavane )
    • = come, get,
    • <> leave, go away, go forth
  203. I met John as I was coming home
    • when, while
    • ( jenva, jasajasa )
  204. As I am leaving tomoorrow, I have bought you a present.
    • because
    • ( karan ki )
  205. If you are not sure how to behave, do as I do
    • in the same way
    • ( tyapramane )
  206. Much as I want to, I cannnot go.
    • though
    • ( jari )
  207. He cried as a baby.
    ( pramane )
  208. He worked as a secretary.
    ( ya natyane )
  209. Dressed as a policeman.
    ( ekhadya pramane, sarakha )
  210. Climing to high made me feel dizzy.
    • ( chakkar aalya sarkh vatane, aswast )
    • = giddy
  211. When her husband died, she received many letters of sympathy.
    ( sahanubhuti, samarthan, pathimba )
  212. If you don't go to her party she will be offended.
    • to be unpleasant or disagreeable, to make feel upset or angry
    • ( che man dukhavane, cha apman karane )
    • <> ecdemic
  213. 1. We usually eat with a knife, fork and spoon. 2. Take the left fork of the road.
    • divide into branches
    • ( vegale hone )
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