Decline and fall of Rome

  1. City that was once called Byzantium. Named for emperor Constantine. Became the capital of the Roman Empire, because Rome was more stable in the east than in the west
  2. An economic situation where the price of goods increases while the value of money decreases. In Rome this was caused, in part, by the fact that emperors put less gold and silver into the coins
  3. -One factor in the decline of the Roman Empire-The army became stronger than the emperor-Emperor needed to pay soldiers high salaries to stay in power-Difficulty collecting taxes and enforcing laws-Forced to use soldiers from Germanic tribes in army. These soldiers are not always loyal to Rome
    Weakening Emperors
  4. -One factor in the decline of the Roman Empire-Many Romans no longer value ideals of loyalty, courage, and honesty-Talented people no longer want to serve in government-Dishonest government officials take bribes-Many wealthy Romans stopped paying taxes-Majority of Romans are poor and unemployed-Slaves make up a large part of the population
    Changes in Roman Society
  5. • Foreign invaders and Roman soldiers attack villages and farms• Trade is disrupted• Food shortages/higher food prices• People had less money to spend, so they bought fewer goods• Inflation: Value of money declined and the price of goods kept increasing• Many people began to barter instead of using Roman coins
    Economic Problems
  6. • People living in cities built protective walls to keep out invaders• Government hires Germanic soldiers, but these men are not loyal to Rome• Diocletian builds forts along the frontiers• Visigoths were treated badly by the Romans and rebelled. Eventually captured the city of Rome• Many tribes invaded the empire looking for land or fleeing the Huns• Germanic people became part of every part of Roman structure• Last Roman emperor (Romulus Augustalus) overthrown by Odacer
    Germanic (Barbarian) Invasions
  7. -Rome was stronger and more stable in the east than it was in the west-After the fall of the of the Western Roman Empire, the Roman Empire in the east lasted nearly 1,000 years-Became known as the Byzantine Empire
    Eastern Roman Empire
  8. -At its height, controlled land on the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa-Stretched from Britain to Egypt
    Roman Empire
  9. • Influenced American legal system: Everyone is equal under the law, innocent until proven guilty, judges must judge cases fairly• Invented the republic. America today is a democratic republic• Influenced development of the idea that citizens should participate in government
    Law and Government
  10. • Many western countries use the Latin alphabet (expanded from 22 to 26 letters)• Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian are all Latin-based languages• Many English words and phrases have Latin roots 
  11. • Influence on literature. Some Roman literature is still read and studied today• Influenced architecture: arches and domes are popular throughout the western world• Influenced construction: Developed concrete which is still widely used today
  12. • Christianity began in the Roman Empire and became a major world religion• Roman road system allowed early Christians to travel and spread ideas more quickly and easily
  13. -Historians date its end at 476 A.D. when the last emperor (Romulus Augustalus) was removed from power by Odacer-After its fall, this part of the world was ruled by different groups of Germanic tribes
    Western Roman Empire
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Decline and fall of Rome
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