RE Financing Ch. 2 Quick Key terms

  1. Fiscal Policy
    Government taxation, spending and deficits
  2. Monetary Policy
    Government control of money supply
  3. Federal deficit
    government debt
  4. Home mortgage interest deduction
    mortgage interest deductions
  5. Exclusion of gain on sale of home
    no tax on sale of home
  6. Depreciation deductions
    income property repair deductions
  7. Federal Reserve System
    the Fed; regulates banks, uses monetary policy
  8. Reserve requirements
    -deposit limition
  9. Federal Reserve Bank
    12 district;
  10. Federal Reserve Board
    7 board of governors; 14 yr; different district
  11. Inflation
    price increase
  12. Discount rate
    interest rate on short-term loans; Fed
  13. Federal funds rate
    interest rate banks charge each other; Fed target
  14. Open market operations
    buy, sell government securities; money circulation control
  15. Federal Open Market Committee
    open market operations decisions
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RE Financing Ch. 2 Quick Key terms
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