USTEP3 day 23

  1. most common cause of secondary htn in young adults
    middle aged and older adults
    renal parenchymal disease

    renal artery stenosis and hyperaldosteronism
  2. cr increases after starting acei
    renal artery stenosis
  3. suspect vulvovaginitis, next step
    confirm with wet mount
  4. location of lesion
    inability to copy drawings or dress oneself, 
    cannot calculate, write
    inability to have language
    homonomoys upper quadrantanopia
    • nondominant parietal
    • dominant parietal
    • dominant temporal
    • nondominant temporal
  5. rx for wide qrs in hyperkalemia
    calcium gluconate
  6. name for a prospective study utilizing more than 2 interventions
  7. rx for priapism
    phenylephrine or epinephrine injection
  8. esophagitis with giant ulcers but no virus, dx?
    apthous ulcer

    rx if steroids
  9. rx for dandruff
    selenium sulfide
  10. fever in a patient coming back from africa
    malaria untill proven otherwise
  11. best initial urine tox test
    urine immunoassay
  12. what dm drugs can cause hypoglycemia
    • sulfonylurea
    • megletinide
  13. what abx to avoid in pregnancy
    • tetra
    • bactrim
    • fq
  14. pulmonary contusion after trauma
  15. how to prevent acne
    • water based cosmetics
    • low glycemic index
    • low saturated fats
    • dairy products
  16. what is expected ont he xray of patient with shin splints
    it will be normal
  17. rx for shistosoma
  18. 1st step in management with hyperthyroid person with afib
    give bb, then start meds for hyperthyroid
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USTEP3 day 23
USTEP3 day 23