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  1. triplanar stability, treat unstable fracture of C1-C2
  2. sagittal-coronal control (some transverse control), treat unstable fracture C3-T2
    Minerva CTO
  3. sagittal-coronal control (some transverse control), treat instability above C4
  4. Unstable thoracic spinal fractures proximal to T5 require a _______ (provides triplanar stability) with a cervical component
    custom molded TLSO
  5. unstable fractures of C2-5 post op
    reinforced cervical collar
  6. C6-C7 post-op
  7. T1-T4 post-op
    custom molded TLSO with cervical component
  8. T5-L2 post-op
    custom molded TLSO
  9. L3-L5 post-op
    BOB or sagittal-control LSO
  10. Spondy L/S and T/S
    • L-spine uses sagittal control LSO
    • T-spine uses sagittal-coronal control TLSO
  11. Compression fx
    Hyperextension for healing
  12. Nondisplaced fx
    • Alignment has not been disrupted
    • Neutral --> hyperextension to promote boney alignment
  13. Unstable fx with 3 column involvement or neurogenic compromise
    Immobilization in all 3 planes to ensure arthrodesis and prevent NS disruption
  14. C1 non-displaced
    • SOMI
    • NOT HALO
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