RE Finance Ch. 1 Quick Key Terms

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  1. Mortgage loans
  2. lien
    -debt security
  3. collateral
    security for loan
  4. Principal
    amount of loan
  5. Interest
    lender profit
  6. Investment capital
    funding investments
  7. returns on investment
  8. return of investment
    money paid back
  9. Ownership investment
    investment in asset
  10. Debt investment
    investment in interest
  11. appreciation
    value increase
  12. dividend
    -profits of company paid to stockholder
  13. Certificate of deposit (CD)
    investment period interest
  14. Securities
    investment instruments
  15. stock
    ownership in company
  16. bond
    period government investments
  17. mutual fund
    professional investment
  18. liquid assets
  19. yield
    rate of return
  20. portfolio
    proof of mix of professional investements
  21. Diversification
    variety investing
  22. Interest rate risk
    loss in interest rate growth
  23. Prepayment risk
    quick loan pay off
  24. Market Interest rates
    particular loan rates
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