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  1. Uses of halo
    • ----Prior to surgery: minimize spinal movement and protect spinal cord during surgery
    • ----Immediate post-op after ORIF or fusion: control cervical motion until adequate healing and bony fusion occurs
    • ----Non surgical management: management of non-displaced upper cervical vertebral fx
  2. Components of halo ring
    • below greater equator of the skull
    • ~1cm above eyebrow and tip of ears via 4 pins 1/8 inch into outer bony table of skull
    • anterior pins lateral 1/3 of eyebrow to avoid frontal sinus, supraorbital and subtrochlear nerves and temporalis muscle
    • posterior pins 1-2 cm posterior ear in diagonal opposition to anterior pin site
    • pins inserted perpendicular to skull to maximize load and minimize deformation of pin bone complex to decrease risk of failure
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  3. Components of halo superstructure
    • fixate ring to vest
    • can be adjusted so patient head and neck in optimal position relative to injury or surgery
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  4. Components of halo vest
    • foundation and point of stability for halo system
    • flexible thermoplastic design with removable liner
    • distal trimline: at or slightly above inferior costal margin of last rib
    • rehab consideration: in supine anterior shell can be open for hygiene
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  5. Complications with halo
    • loosening of pins
    • pin site infection
    • discomfort at pin site
    • ring migration
    • pressure sores
    • nerve injury
    • prolonged bleeding at pin sites
    • puncture of dura
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  6. stable non-displaced fx mid-low L-spine
  7. Spondylosis
  8. post-op surgical repair of fx
    custom molded TLSO
  9. spinal deformity of T-spine and/or upper L-spine (T5-L3)
    custom molded TLSO
  10. LBP
    Sagittal control LSO
  11. lumbar sprain/strain
    Sagittal control LSO
  12. lumbar disc displacement
    Sagittal control LSO
  13. Osteoporosis
    Sagittal control LSO
  14. HNP
    • Sagittal control LSO
    • Sagittal-coronal control TLSO
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