USTEp3 day 20

  1. strongest risk factor for male breast cancer
  2. hand swelling in young africans
    sickle cell=- swelling is dacylitis
  3. rx for aortic stensosi
    aortic valve replacement
  4. mvp murmur
    mid systolic click and late systolic murmur
  5. intubate at what GCS level
    8 or lower
  6. findings in euthyroid sick syndrome
    normal tsh, t4, low t3
  7. rx for mucormycosis
  8. rx for dCHF
    decrease preload- lasix or nitroglycerin
  9. mcc of hereditary thrombophilia
    factor 5 leiden
  10. rx for hep post exposure
    ig and vaccine
  11. mcc of death after steering wheel injury
    aortic rupture
  12. rx for actinic keratosis
  13. when to biopsy actinic keratosis
    • >1 cm
    • ulceration
    • tendenress
  14. ecchthyma gangrenosum is associated with whta bacteria
  15. rx for ecchythyma gangrenosum
    abx only, no surgery
  16. auc or roc is a reflection of what
    diagnostic accuracy
  17. who should get rhogam?
    all patient with no antibodies at 28 weeks if its unclear what the fathers status is
  18. lichen planus characterisits
    all p's
  19. lichen planus is associated with what disease
    hep c
  20. rx for urge incontinence
    biopfeedback and then anticholinergic
  21. who should get carotid endarterectomy
    women symptom and asymptom 70-99

    • asymptomatic 6-99
    • symptomatic 50-99
  22. rx for actinomyces
  23. who should get abx for abscess
    • >5cm in size
    • <6 months old
  24. managmeent of sexual side effects with patient on SSRI
    • switch to non-SSRI
    • add viagra
  25. dx of scabies
  26. rx for samonella diarrhea
    none, supportive treatment only
  27. what anti-hypertensive gives phototoxicity
  28. rx for tobaco cessation
    NRT or varenicline
  29. risk of transverse limb abnromality with CVS is dependent on?
    age of gestation
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USTEp3 day 20
USTEp3 day 20