USTEP3 day 19

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  1. ptosis, aniscoria deficits are due to ?
    posterior communicating artery-CN 3 involvement
  2. 1st generation injectable antipsychotics
    haldol, fluphenazine
  3. Kappa statis tests for what
    reliability between 2 impressions from differing radiologists
  4. contraindications to donating organ
    • HIV
    • <18
    • pregnancy
  5. Parinauds syndrome
    • loss of pupillary reaction
    • vetical gaze palsy
    • optokinetic nystagums
    • ataxia
  6. eye findings with MS
    Internuclear opthalmoplegia
  7. Rx for narcolepsy
  8. Rx for cataplexy associated with cataplexy
  9. definition of severe c.diff
    • WBC 15 K
    • Cr >1,5x
    • Alb<2.5
  10. rx for 3rd recurrence of c.diff
    fidoxamin and fecal transplant
  11. rx for mild lead level
    moderate lead level
    • re-check
    • dimercapto succinic acid
    • EDTA + dimercapto succininc acid
  12. most common complication of lead exposure
    cognitive impairment
  13. water and soap or alcohol sanitizer for c.diff
    water and soap
  14. Nelsons syndrome
    bitemporal heminopsia, hyperpigementaiton following bilateral adrenalectomy
  15. meningococcal prophylaxis
    • rifamprin
    • cipro
    • ceftriaxone
  16. rash with " tomato-red plaques and satellite papules" are characteristic of
    candidal intertrigo and perineal infection
  17. candidal diaper infection vs diaper dermatitis
    • candidal has tomato red plaques and involves genito-crural folds-
    • clotrimazole for candida
    • zinc oxide for diaper dermatitis
  18. most effective emergency contraception
    • copper IUD-not in presence of cervicitis
    • then it is Ulipristal
    • then levongesterol
  19. indication for HIV prophylaxis
    • vaginal trauma
    • IV drug abuse hx
  20. which meds should be avoided in gout patinets
    • loops
    • thiazide
    • aspirin
  21. what cancer gives osteoblastic and osteolytic lesions
  22. best imaging for osteolytic lesions
    PET CT
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